Monitor and Automatic Paste from Clipboard

  • David Mckenzie

    David Mckenzie - 2014-01-28

    Is there any way to get freemind to automatically monitor the clipboard for changes and attach any new items (text/graphics/etc) to a new node. That way when reading things, I can copy them, and subsequently drag them around to sort them into a mindmap fairly quickly. I presume a groovy script, but I don't know any of the steps to achieve it.
    I want
    1. Start monitoring the clipboard changes for any changes.
    if a change occurs:-
    2. Create a new child-node
    3. Add the new clipboard item (either text or graphics) to the new node of the mindmap
    4. Reference source: If the current top window is a known file in the mindmap root or sub-folders, then add a hyperlink to this original file. If it is not known then add the name of the current focus window (as a 'malformed' hyperlink) to the node
    6. Select the parent node again and continue monitoring
    Thanks. David

    Last edit: David Mckenzie 2014-01-30
  • David Mckenzie

    David Mckenzie - 2014-02-03

    Don't worry, I've converted to freeplane, as the freemind scripting system didn't work with Ubuntu and I found the interface was fairly buggy, so my basic attempt at a script is on the freeplane wiki.


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