ScottyDM - 2013-10-31

The issue is that I have a need to link to a collection of files (PDF topo maps from the USGS), which have a spatial relationship to each other (N, S, E, & W). The collection of files are orders of magnitude more useful if I graphically preserve that relationship. Here is a cropped screenshot of the solution using FreeMind's existing method of adding a single link to each node. Functional but ugly.

What I wanted to do, and tried, was to put an image map inside a single node. Simulated cropped screenshot. But it didn't matter if I used an image map with its added <map> and <area> tags, which FreeMind's built-in HTML editor auto-formatted into junk, or put individual thumbnails into a table, either technique failed. (Note, the page coding for the last two links this paragraph use very different HTML coding, Try viewing the source.)

The problem is HTML links are nonfunctional inside a FreeMind node. And that's what I'm asking you to consider. Please make HTML links functional--there are uses for them that are not addressed by the present link system.



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