Using Freemind as task manager?

  • Sergei

    Sergei - 2007-11-07


    I'm trying to use Freemind as a task manager using the attributes/filters and it works quite well. I'm adding an attribute "TaskDone" to every task node and set it to 0, after it's done I set it to 1 - then I can view  only finished/unfinished tasks using a filter. It would be even more convenient if I could set a default attribute/value for every new node, so that I don't have to add it manually. Is it possible? Sorry if it's a faq.

    Thanks a lot.


    • Jay Dugger

      Jay Dugger - 2007-11-12

      I also use FreeMind for task management. Attributes that represent tasks get "date:start" and a "date:end" attributes. These initially have a value of "NULL".  The "date:start" gets set to YYYYMMDD, to show the date I started the task. When I complete a task, I set its "date:end" attribute to YYYYMMDD for the date I finished. Like Sergei, I'd like to have default attributes for nodes. I'd also like to have default values for attributes. These two improvements would makeFfreeMind a more potent task manager.

    • Yu Shen

      Yu Shen - 2007-11-22

      Ditto on the need for default attributes of new node.
      I'd use a template node for task with required attributes created, then use copy and paste to  create new tasks to simulate the default attributes for tasks.

      I tried to use the scheme for a while. But I abandoned using FreeMind 0.9 as task manager, as I feel that I really need the mechanism to present my tasks in order of priority. I have not find a good way to do that. I suspected that using scripts, it might be possible to sort and present the nodes in particular order. But it becomes so heavy weight, that I couldn't afford to pursuit.


    • Jay Dugger

      Jay Dugger - 2007-12-03

      Yu Shen, did you try simply making an attribute of "priority" for each node? You could assign that attribute whatever priority you wanted. E.g., "priority:high" or "priority:37" or whatever you like. That's a pretty simplistic scheme, and would soon break for dependencies. I also don't know if you could filter on all nodes with attribute of "priority" and value greater than "3". Let me know what you learn.

    • Marten van Wezel

      Perhaps a 'strikeout and timestamp' option, or just strikeout would help?

  • mariola

    mariola - 2013-09-23

    I believe Freemind might be a great self-management tool, BUT it lacks some easy way how to assign due dates to nodes (tasks). It is real pitty because what else could you do better with Freemind but organizing yourself? Would it be possible to work on this? Thanks!


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