0.9.0 Release candidate 3

  • Christian Foltin

    Dear FreeMind users,

    with this release, we continue the series of release candidates for the final version 0.9.0.  The intermediate release 0.9.0 RC2 contained a build error and was hidden. It should no longer be used.

    For translators, this is the last and final boarding call to update the translations to the current set of strings.

    For testers: we need *everybody* to do tests. From the simplest to the hardest (e.g. memory and performance tests using profilers). If you have time - join us and tell your results (in the open discussion forum or in the bugs section).

    Best regards,



    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 RC 3

    * Fixed build error of RC2
    * Little attribute table fixes.
    * Fixed: Many tooltips contain unrendered html tags https://sourceforge.net/tracker2/?func=detail&atid=107118&aid=2647382&group_id=7118
    * Fixed: Arrow link - loss upon drag and drop (DND) - 0.9.0 RC1 https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&atid=107118&aid=2633204&group_id=7118

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 RC 2
    * Integrated: [ 2043424 ] Patched freemind.sh to accept OpenJDK as valid VM * http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&atid=307118&aid=2043424&group_id=7118
    * Experimental external plugin: database collaboration added (not for delivery with 0.9.0)
    * Fixed html export in XHTML. Thanks to wolfgangradke, https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=5991663
    * Integrated patch (thanks to the author):  [ 2126330 ] enabled Ctrl-Enter as Save keystroke again
    * Fixed ooo export of relative links (see https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=6389369\).
    * Integrated patch: (thanks to the author) https://sourceforge.net/tracker2/?func=detail&atid=307118&aid=1789765&group_id=7118
    * Integrated mm2csv (thanks to the author), although not in the shift_jis variant.
    * Fixed several mac-build script bugs. Thanks to the author.

    • BokajSnede

      BokajSnede - 2009-03-13

      "Error" in returning from "Edit Long Node"

      When Press "Alt O" for returning to the mindmap then
      It is not possible to just press return to enter a new node.

      It is only happening when I am edit a new long node

      I am running Windows 5.1 SP3 and Java 5 update 11
      Freemind 0.9.0 RC3

      • Antonimo

        Antonimo - 2009-03-13

        I don't receive the same error but I have noticed that when pressing ATL+O or ALT+Enter to exit from editing a long node that the focus moves to the zoom drop-down. Returning focus to the mind map requires pressing Escape (to give focus to the central node) or using the mouse.

        This behaviour does not occur when editing a long node that already exists.

        Replication of this behaviour is through the following keystrokes:

        INSERT > ALT+ENTER > (editing the node) > ALT+O

        Avoidance of this behaviour with these keystrokes:

        INSERT > ENTER > ALT+ENTER > (editing the node) > ALT+O

        The difference is that in the second set of keystrokes, the new node is fully created by pressing ENTER after INSERT.

        Windows XP Pro SP#
        FreeMind 0.9.0 RC3
        Java Version 6 Update 12

        • BokajSnede

          BokajSnede - 2009-05-16

          This issue is also true for running the RC3 on Windows XP

          "Avoidance of this behaviour with these keystrokes:

          INSERT > ENTER > ALT+ENTER > (editing the node) > ALT+O "

          But seen from a users point of view then this is annoyring to remember to press ENTER
          When Freeplan does not have this problem...
          as well as old releases of 0.9

          It is true that it only takes a couple of seconds to do this. But every time you forget then you have to use serveral seconds on using the mouse to get into normal mode again....

          I would prefere that the Freemind is as simple to use as possible. And this issue will be one that will not "sell" freemind to potential users... so please fix it.

          After saiding this then I have to say that the more I use Freemind the more I prefer using it as one of my primay tools in project management for:
          * getting a systematic overview on issues
          * task to be done

    • Alexander Daniel

      I can't find a CVS tag for 0.9.0 RC3. There is fm_0_9_0_rc1 and fm_0_9_0_rc2 but no fm_0_9_0_rc3.

      Where can I find this release in CVS?

      Thanks, Alex

      • Christian Foltin


        the tag was missing and is now created. fm_0_9_0_rc3


    • Antonimo

      Antonimo - 2009-03-23

      I am still having problems with Automatic Layout in 0.9.0 RC3

      When I have Automatic Layout switched on, new child nodes do not appear.

      Let's say I press "Insert" on the keyboard three times, nothing shows on the screen. If I then save the map and re-open it, I find the three new nodes are there.

      I use Automatic Layout a lot, but it would be better to be able to leave it switched on rather than "applying" it from time-to-time.

      FreeMind 0.9.0RC3
      Windows XP Pro SP3
      Java version 6 Update 12

    • Mike

      Mike - 2009-03-23


      version 0.9.0 looks very exciting and I was wondering what timeframe you expect for the release?

      Background for my question: We try to offer FreeMind as a low-cost alternative to our business users. Version 0.9.0 seems to need much reduced effort in converting from MindManager maps as many of our users use formatted notes extensivley, e.g. to contain tables and other data.

      Hope this is the right forum for this question.


    • BokajSnede

      BokajSnede - 2009-03-27

      Today I found the filter buttom and used it for the first time. Greate tool. But I had to look at the icon to find it.

      I would like to have the filter buttom placed in the menu
      e.g. under view. and of course with a hot key. because I have missed it a lot over the last couple of years.

      BTW Freemind is a greate tool that I enjoy using everyday.
      Keep up the good work.

    • sgtrock

      sgtrock - 2009-04-02

      I entered #2726988.  Additional reference to #2017347 (opened in July 2008 for 0.9.0 beta 18).

    • Alex Krupp

      Alex Krupp - 2009-05-18

      Whenever I close FreeMind with multiple maps open, only the map currently being viewed is opened the next time FreeMind is launched. This means that I need to manually load all of my maps again each time. I'm currently running RC3 on OS 10.5.7


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