Eclipse plugin for FreeMind

  • Hallvard Traetteberg

    I have been trying out FreeMind for some time and how found it very useful and comfortable to work with. The problem is, I'd really like to use it within Eclipse, since my use case is related to an introductory course in Java programming where Eclipse is used.

    After some intense hacking, I now have a working prototype of FreeMind within Eclipse, see for a screenshot. It's not a deep port to the Eclipse platform, but an Eclipse editor wrapper for FreeMind that makes it possible to open and edit mm files inside Eclipse. The wrapper does not try to hide the fact that FreeMind is a standalone Swing application, but it enables some level of integration. E.g. you can double-click mm files, edit and save them, all within Eclipse. There's lots of rought edges and it is not realistic to make the integration very tight, but it does work.

    Technically, the integration consists of two plugin projects. One is a thin wrapper for the FreeMind distribution, as built with Ant and otherwise untouched, but with some glue code for proper loading of resources and classes. The other is the editor plugin, which opens FreeMind as an applet inside an SWT container and manages it's life-cycle. The goal is to minimize the dependencies on inner details of FreeMind and in particular modifying the original source. Currently, only two FreeMind source files are "overridden" by slightly modified ones.

    So, is there interest for this work? And can there perhaps be some level of support with the FreeMind project, to make the integration possible, also in the future.

    Best regards,

    Hallvard Trætteberg

  • Anonymous - 2012-07-03

    Hi Hallvard
    That's excellent news , and for sure it has massive applications
    as a developper , It would a dream feature to have something like freemind inside Eclipse to view and manipulate XML or JSON files
    I also use freeming as a specification plateform , so this would get it closer to my code
    I'd definitly be interested , is this available as a eclipse pluggin , doesn't have to be build for a specific platform  ?

  • Christian Foltin

    Hi Hallvard,

    looks interesting and great. Moreover, you seem to use the OpenStreetMap-features, do you?

    How can I help you with the integration?

    Best regards, Chris


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