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Liam Jolly
  • Liam Jolly

    Liam Jolly - 2010-08-22

    Hi All! My name's Liam and I was hoping to learn more about coding in Java by working on FreeMind with you all (If that's ok :) ). If anyone would be so kind as to suggest how I may get started I'd be grateful!

  • Liam Jolly

    Liam Jolly - 2010-08-23

    I had a look at the wiki page and it suggest that I should begin by discussing my contribution. I was hoping I could be useful fixing some bugs. Where should I begin?

  • Dimitry Polivaev

    Hello Liam,

    in order to be able to offer the new developers my support and to bring the FreeMind to the new level I forked it 2008.  The new project has a name "freeplane". It has a stable release since Juni 2010. It is not as known as FreeMind yet. However the users who tried it appreciate the improvements, and the new developers appreciate the new internal design.

    It looks like we are able to release a new version with great new features every 9 months. For the coming version we are working on MS word like styles which can be assigned to the nodes and excel like formulas to enable calculations on the nodes. So  I would like to invite you look at and to work on the new project. We certainly should use freeplane's forums for discussing the rest issues.

    Kind regards,
    Dimitry Polivaev,
    FreeMind key developer 2003-2008,
    Freeplane project lead

  • Edmund Laugasson

    Dear Dimitry!

    Can you explain, why the heck did you need to create new project and not redesign Freemind itself? I looked Freeplane pictures and it looks very similar to Freemind! Why not keep it simple and develop one project instead of forking new project and wasting your and other developers power?

    This seems to be one of biggest weaknesses of free software - too much forked and fragmented development forces are out there. Why not join and develop one good and strong free mindmapping software?

  • Argey

    Argey - 2010-08-31

    Edmund, writing as an outsider, but a FreeMind and Freeplane user, I can give my perception:  Essentially there was disagreement amongst the original developers about how FreeMind should be developed (features and so on) and at what pace.  Dimitry wanted to take it in a different direction from Daniel, and both were prepared to continue working hard, so there was no alternative other than one developer stopping altogether.  I think a fork is better than that.  Keep in mind that both give large chunks of their life to building these tools with no reward other than public recognition.

    In some ways it's a pity, because everyone owes them (and others involved) a lot, but we do have two tools to choose from now.

    The style of the two is somewhat different, but not a lot for now, so familiarity with FreeMind makes Freeplane easy to use.  Over time, the differences will surely grow.  My own hope is the they keep a common XML schema for .mm files.

    SysOp for WikIT, the mind mapping wiki

  • Daniel Polansky

    Daniel Polansky - 2010-08-31

    Hello all,

    Re "Dimitry wanted to take it in a different direction from Daniel":

    Differences between me and Dimitry are unlikely to have been the main reason for forking FreeMind. Let me set the record straight a little bit. Dimitry made one of the first announcements to fork FreeMind shortly before I had resigned from the role of FreeMind director and handed over the project over to Christian Foltin. An ultimate announcement of the fork came several months later after my resignation and after I had very much reduced my activity on the FreeMind project. The fork must have been a result of differences between Dimitry and Christian Foltin. From what I remember, one of the main reasons that Dimitry has stated for the fork was that Dimitry has proposed some radical changes in FreeMind architecture, changes with which Christian Foltin disagreed. Another stated reason was that Dimitry wanted to have a much shorter release cycle.

    The following posts seem most relevant to my resignation and to announcing the fork:

    Vision of the second project, 2008-03-01

    Handover of FreeMind project, 2008-03-14

    Open Discussion: Handover of FreeMind project, 2008-03-16

    Open Discussion: FreeMind fork, 2008-11-16

    Christian Foltin is now the sole director of FreeMind. I am still hanging around in the broad role of a consultant. I am extending FreeMind documentation in the wiki. I inofficially manage quality of FreeMind 0.9.0 by keeping track of important outstanding bugs, reproducing the bugs and explaining what makes me think these bugs really are important. My most recent significant code contribution was a batch of bug fixes and enhancements to the editing component SimplyHTML, a component that is shared between FreeMind and Freeplane.

    Best regards,

  • Ervin Nemesszeghy

    Is it a possibility to merge the two projects, before going too far apart? One must be better than the other in some way.
    The better one should be picked and developed on that line. It can be a new version of FreeMind or FreePlane. I don't see why FreePlane can not be FreeMind version 2.xx.
    FreeMind has large user base, backward compatibility of mm files are important. So may be development should be in one line, and the extra effort could be for creating conversion utilities.

  • Ervin Nemesszeghy

    If FreePlane looks the same as FreeMind, FreePlane is not a new direction. A new direction would be to develop something like  is doing.  Can something the Personal Brain is doing to add to FreePlane.

  • Liam Jolly

    Liam Jolly - 2010-09-02

    On topic for a moment if I may, thanks to Dan and Dimitry for your replies.

    I've got Eclipse up and running with the latest Freemind source code and I've started looking at issue 3021953 as it seems a fairly simple one to start with.

  • Daniel Polansky

    Daniel Polansky - 2010-09-02

    Losvaive, the bug "Conversion from 0.8.0 to 0.9.0 drops newlines in notes" ( 3021953) is an absolutely critical bug, it seems to me. It would be great if you would fix it. -Dan

  • Daniel Polansky

    Daniel Polansky - 2010-09-02

    Oh, sorry Liam for calling you "Losvaive"; I was responding having previous posts of this thread on screen, and I have forgotten that your name is "Liam". Sorry again. -Dan

  • Christian Foltin

    Hi Liam,

    ok, the error with the newlines on converting old versions was a bit more trickier, and I commit the result to CVS. Maybe, you can test this change? This would be very helpful.

    TIA, Chris

  • Liam Jolly

    Liam Jolly - 2010-09-13

    Hi Chris,

    Sounds good. Where would I need to do a checkout from to pick up your changes?


  • Christian Foltin


    in the normal integration branch, you'll find following the developer page in the wiki.


  • Liam Jolly

    Liam Jolly - 2010-09-14

    Hi Chris,

    Your fix seems to have resolved the issue. :)


  • openatlas

    openatlas - 2010-09-27

    Hi all
    I'm wondering seeing this post
    why wouldn't there be a modular structure in Freemind
    This would keep a man to man conflict on ideas from bringing novalty to the open source project
    FreePalne probably has very interesting things to offer
    Modularisation would keep developper from forking
    and would give users the choice of what they want to be doing with their freemind

    This often happens when a project has huge potential in wide variety of approaches and ways to be used (ex : Eclipse , Firefox, Android…)

    it's a shame to see forks of Freemind instead of concentrating on roots of the development

    I would be interested in a modular structure for my own use


  • Liam Jolly

    Liam Jolly - 2010-09-27

    Hi All,

    Been away for a bit but I'm back.

    Which of the outstanding bugs aren't currently being worked on? I'll happily give them a go if its helpful.



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