Meikel Bisping - 2004-11-08

A basic multi-user support could be achieved in the following way:
when running FreeMind as an application,
- give the user the option to open (and re-open) a mindmap from an URL  
- implement a Publish action which uploads the mindmap to a server using ftp (here's a free class that could handle the ftp\).

When users work together on a mindmap and communicate with each other on the phone or via a messenger, they could let each other know who's working on the map and after uploading it, the other users would just have to select reload.

Come to think of it, there might even be an applet version of the FreeMind editor.
Image such an applet would be handed the parameters
The editor applet could be written to automatically open the mindmap and the save or publish action would use the parameters to upload the changed mindmap.