Running JUnit tests inside Eclipse

  • Alexander Daniel


    Is was looking for automated unit tests inside the FreeMind code base and found some in tests.freemind.

    build.xml states that »JUnit tests are only supported inside eclipse due to classpath problems of the plugins«

    I run with Run As | Java Application within Eclipse and got `Tests run: 29,  Failures: 4,  Errors: 0`

    What about these failures? Do other FreeMind developers also see these failures?

    When running the tests via Run As | JUnit Test, the Eclipse JUnit runner finds 63 tests but interactive input is required (dialog boxes pop up where I don't know what to click).

    What is the correct way to run the FreeMind JUnit tests?

    Thanks, Alex

  • Christian Foltin

    Hi Alex,
    the first method is the correct one (some tests are only for testing dialogs and don't make sense at all in automatic testing).
    I do get the same four errors.

    HTH, Chris


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