prototype of freemind flash browser

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  • JuanPedro

    JuanPedro - 2005-02-28

    Hello all, I've been using freeMind for a time,
    and wanted to be able to see it from anyware in internet without needing Java. I've made a small flash freemind browser version, it doesnt admit images, just two icons, types of fonts, and many more things, but maybe usefull for any of you. You can download from.
    and see it working in

    • Antonimo

      Antonimo - 2005-02-28

      Wow - That's excellent and could be extremely useful. It is also a very quick way of viewing a map.

      If the text could be highlighted for copying it would be more useful, but for presenting maps (for information purposes) it is terrfic.

      I see a useful application for a Flash FreeMind browser for creating website navigation, especially if the Flash could be made to be Accessibility compliant.

      Did it require extensive Java knowledge or extensive Flash knowledge?

    • Daniel Polansky

      Daniel Polansky - 2005-02-28

      That's amazing! What are your licencing terms? Do you want to contribute the code to FreeMind project under GPL? If you want, you may immediatelly create a link to the browser from our wiki. Alternatively, I can do it myself.

    • JuanPedro

      JuanPedro - 2005-03-02

      Hi, I've just seen your coments and it is Wonderfull tho know you both liked it so much. I should be very
      happy if you make a link to the program. I'm Thinking about the licencing terms I'll read the terms, an try to decide. I want it to be free sofware, but not sure about the term. meantime, I'm gona clean the code so that It should be easier to mantain and modify if anyone wants to help with it.
      Thanks againg.

    • Christian Foltin

      Hola Juan,

      looks very nice. I would like to integrate your code
      into freemind such as an export of a map into your format is directly possible from freemind provide the sources are available.

      Thanks, Chris

    • Roland

      Roland - 2005-03-07

      Wow Juan,

      I'm very impressed! This is really great work - it's fun to browse through your knowledge-maps.
      Hope you decide to  to contribute the code to FreeMind project under GPL - would be fantastico

      Thanks for showing

    • C.M Afsal

      C.M Afsal - 2005-03-08

      Wow! That's something I badly needed. IE users were complaning about the need to switch to Sun Java.

      However, I was not able to get freemind flashplayer work with Firfox 1.0.1 on XP-SP1

      Also when the map becomes big, it gets trimmed even with larger screen size.  I tried changing the flash size in the html file. But the problem persists.


    • sampath krishna

      sampath krishna - 2005-03-10

      This is *very* slick and useful.

      I may be doing something wrong, but I get only a blank Flash panel if I try to display any map other than, even after changing the corresponding line in mindmaps.html file. Anyone else notice this?


    • joel_guesclin

      joel_guesclin - 2005-03-15

      WELL!!! All I can say is that this is *absolutely blinding*. It solves the major problem of asking people to load and install Java to view the map. It looks great. It seems to work well on a small test map I'm using. Obviously a little bit of tidying up needed, but all in all a tremendous effort. I will use it as soon as possible!
      Couple of small comments:
      - can't use any file other than (presumably can't change where the file goes either)
      - can't configure the +/- etc buttons (different colour, give them names)
      - no scroll bar when map is too big for frame

    • Vik Olliver

      Vik Olliver - 2005-03-15

      I've given the demo page a go with a linux-based browser (FireFox) and it didn't even find any flash to start up - I have the FireFox "flash blocker" installed and it puts icons up where it finds Flash. Obviously, with no icons displayed, it didn't get as far as firing up the flash player.

      Previously I have noted that it will display the Flash icons, even if it is unable to play the Flash animations themselves.

      Is the demo page still in operation?

      Vik :v)

    • JuanPedro

      JuanPedro - 2005-03-15

      The freemind flash browser  is still working, I have just checked, I am surprised with your problem. Anyway I have undated the player with some very small modifications .

      Juan Pedro.

      • Vik Olliver

        Vik Olliver - 2005-03-15

        OK, I checked again. I still don't see anything other than a purple screen. I ran the W3C HTML validator on the page and it complained a fair bit. Could this have anything to do with my problem?

        Vik :v)

        • JuanPedro

          JuanPedro - 2005-03-15

          Ive just updated, just changed the problems with param tag, hope will work now.

          Juan Pedro.

          • Vik Olliver

            Vik Olliver - 2005-03-15

            It's definitely a web page problem, and I get curious errors on Konqueror (another Linux-based browser) suggesting that it's trying to invoke some ActiveX plugin - which doesn't work on non-Microsoft platforms.

            On the good news front, if I go directly to:


            the linux swf_player produces a beautiful rendition of an interactive, Flash-based mindmap!

            Vik :v)

    • JuanPedro

      JuanPedro - 2005-03-15

      Ill try tomorrow with linux, and hope that ended leaving it working ok for linux browsers ;)

      Juan Pedro.

      • Vik Olliver

        Vik Olliver - 2005-03-15

        Thank you. I appreciate your efforts and your patience.

        Vik :v)

    • Dimitry Polivaev

      Hello Juan,

      your mm-browser looks small and great.
      How did you do it? I would be happy to see the code.

      Could you make it public or send it to me?


    • Wortelstok

      Wortelstok - 2005-04-12

      Hi Juan,
      I like very much your small flash browser.
      One remark: in long nodes, the tekst does not wrap to the next line so it runs off the screen.

    • Wortelstok

      Wortelstok - 2005-04-18

      Question: will the flash browser be able to interpret/present html text?

    • Christian Foltin

      Hi Juan,

      your sources have been checked in by me.
      Please verify that the header is ok for you and that they represent the last version of your flash tool.

      Moreover, I would like you to maintain your application.
      You can use CVS to checkin new versions.

      Try "cvs checkout flash" with the right root:

      Thanks, Chris

    • JuanPedro

      JuanPedro - 2005-05-09

      Thanks Christian, I have just updated the  code, with new classes and moving the code to a new directory. I have been busy this days, hope to improve the application soon.

      Juan Pedro.

    • Wortelstok

      Wortelstok - 2005-05-12

      The prototype flash browser directs all arrow links to or from the root node in stead of from branch to branch.

    • JuanPedro

      JuanPedro - 2005-05-12

      thanks worktelstok, can you send  a small example with the problem.

    • Anonymous - 2005-05-12

      Hi All

      The positive feedback for the flash based visualisation is really encouraging. IMHO, a scalable vector graphics export could be equally as compelling, since SVG has been recently standardised by W3C and the browsers should support them natively. AFAIK, SVG has a friendly XML format of its own and so the port would simply be a question of finding how to translate Java graphics into SVG. I am busy looking at the freemind API and source code to figure out how to do that.


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