non-hierarchical knowledge?

  • Peter Valdemar Mørch

    Newbie question:

    How does one represent relationships that are not hierarchical by nature? Take e.g:

        Network Equipment
        Operating Systems

    Some Firewalls that on Linux and employ Web Servers for their configuration interface.

    Where would I "fit them in"? Is there a way to have a node that is serveral places in the tree at once? (E.g. a node group "Filanet" under FireWalls, WebServers and Linux)

    This is the common problem I always run into when trying to establish a hierarchical tree of knowledge - I invariably find that reality is just more complicated than that.

    The web works because everything can link to everything, and there is no "root" node. Just like I personally don't have a "root" thought.

    Under UNIX I use hard & soft links... Is there any way to represent this sort of non-hierarchical relationship in FreeMind?


    • Peter Valdemar Mørch

      That was supposed to be hierarchical, but got munged by the forum sw:

      ----Network Equipment
      ----Operating Systems

    • Pedro Santelmo

      Pedro Santelmo - 2004-11-09

      There should be a way of having parents in a table of attributes of the node. Then, they would link in several places. Perhaps, every attribute element, should have a special ID that would act as a namespace to follow its track.
      Then, in a graphical edition, the program should authomatically choose the ID that corresponds when you create a child from a certain branch.
      I guess that I saw something similar at the new Galeon bookmarks.
      So, every node object should have (among other things) these table of links:
      parents { ID, previousNode },...
      childs    { ID, nextNode      },...
      And when you want to create a new child, you should append it to the node's ID that corresponds to the branch where it is going to be.

      In life, there is always a root but it never keeps on being the same for a long time... As when we focus on some thought or image.


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