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  • Jcrawfordx

    Jcrawfordx - 2013-07-08

    This is an invitation to all visionaries to dream about what could be a whole new paradigm for Freemind.

    VISUALIZE THIS: What would happen if you were to "marry" the basic mapping concepts of FreeMind to the basic hyperlinking concepts of a wiki?

    Basically, all text (labels, etc.) in the upper map portion AND in the corresponding notes section below would be "wiki-fied". I.e. all text in Freemind nodes and_notes could potentially link to some other mind map or note.

    Here's what it could look like:

    IMAGINE creating a mindmap about "Colors". We create a node and place a label word in it that is enclosed in brackets, such as "[Blue]" or "[Green]". The brackets tell the program that "Blue" is a wiki word.

    The program looks to see if [Blue] is already in the database. If it is, the label is automatically linked to the central wikinotes for that word. If not, the program creates a wikinote file for "Blue", just the same as in any wiki.

    A tiny "W" icon would now appear in the "Blue" node on the map to indicate this is a wiki term. If you hover your mouse over this icon, a small preview window of the [Blue] wikinote file would appear. (When you move your mouse off of the icon this window would disappear. It is just for previewing. The metaphor of a
    magnifying glass comes to my mind.) However, if you click the "W" icon, it would open a new window containing the [Blue] wikinote file.

    This lets us share the [Blue] wikinote file across multiple mind maps and centralizes it so that any modifications to the [Blue] wiki file initiated from any one of these maps would be seen in all of them.

    The [Blue] wikinote window could also contain a frame which lists links to all other maps which contain the [Blue] label. Hover your mouse over a link to see a "magnifying glass" preview window of that particular map (as a thumbnail?). Click the link to go to it. This gives the user a "bird's eye view" of how and where [Blue] is being used universally in his entire collection of mind maps. (I suppose the [Blue] wikinote could also be shareable among multiple users if desired, as well.)

    The wikinote portion of the [Blue] would also be "wiki-fied'. That is, if you wrote a sentence in the wikinote file that contained, say, "[Purple]", this would either create a new wikinote file or link to an existing one. If you later created a button in some other mind map which contained "[Purple]", it would point this wikinote file.

    Obviously, "marrying" Freemind with a Wiki would be a significant project. However, this seems like the next logical (and vastly HUGE) step in the evolution of the mindmap concept. Fortunately, there are already many open-source wiki platforms available which might make a reasonable match.

    I am not a programmer but just an end user. I am just hoping that some bright programmers with a sense of vision and some chutzpah will take this idea and run with it so that, eventually, I'll be able to use it for the stuff that I do.

    The world needs this. GO FER IT!!!!!!

    • Anonymous - 2013-10-27

      Great idea!


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