FreeMind to TiddlyWiki integration

  • dsholler

    dsholler - 2007-02-13

    Has anyone explored the idea of representing a tiddlywiki as a mindmap, and vice versa? I realize they are not exactlyt he same, but the structural view of a mind map would help me a lot.

    has anyone tried to do this? IF not, where could someone who was relatively unfamiliar with the Freemind codebase go to understand the file formats and persistance model? (This so I could hack up a version of TiddlyWiki to use the same format, or at least have an exchange mechanism between the two..   of course, what I would like is an active interface, and have nodes and tiddlers be teh same thing..

    Am I dreaming here?

    (BTW, anyone else interested, Dawn ahukanna has created a great hypergraph view of tiddlywikis here but it is a fixed view and can only be manipulated by modifying the wiki structure and recreating the view.. I would like to be able to edit the graph like a mindmap. )

  • Anonymous - 2011-12-05

    This is exactly what i need also :) did in the meantime someone develope this?


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