openatlas - 2009-09-16

Hi guys
First I'd like to thank the community for the great tool offered by Freemind, as well as the choice of keeping it Open Source.

So here's the idea,
I'm a website developper and I use Freemind constantly to describe sites architecture and content. It give me and my client a validation document during development. (just that is great ;-)

Now i'd like to **use Freemind as a website squeleton builder**. Based on the HTML export (with JS), I'd like to **define node attributes** to say this node is a new page otherwise it's content.
Then on Export it would Generate my new website squelton with each page + content + links.
So the First Node would be the HomePage , any normal child Node is simple  content and If a Child Node has the "page" attribute (or page icon) assigned, this adds a link to the home page and a new page is generated we can then go on through the tree building the whole site.

This is so close to the HTML export  that it's probably quite easy to set up. I'm willing to contribute it but **to gain time would like a few pointers** to where dive in first ? or maybe have a direct talk with the **person who build the HTML export ?**

Thanks for the help