• qajlazar

    qajlazar - 2012-02-24

    I intend to write a DatabaseMode (not sure about naming) that will load/edit Nodes from a Database.

    The background is that I plan to work with a database due to:
    - scalability: it may become a database with a lot of nodes
    - sharing node information with different technologies like web-applications and the like
    - mimic a behavior of a multiparent node, thus a node that may be attached to more than one parent, though this feature
      can be made optional.

    Anyone on this track or who just would like to comment on my intentions: welcome:)

  • DaveE

    DaveE - 2012-04-12

    Had that functionality a long time ago

  • wang xuguang

    wang xuguang - 2012-06-09

    I agree with you, and have a same plan. 
    1  I have the requirement.  I have many mm file,  and frequently forget which mm file the needed information is in. I complare PersonalBrain and Freemind.
           PB save the confused knowledge, for example "fourier series", "natural logarithm", "matrix" and so on.  PB pay attention to the connection of the nodes,  but it is difficult to get the complete picture.
           freemind save the related knowledge of a tast.  for example, I have a task "media-server",  its children are "http protocol", "mp4 file format",  "c++  boost".  But the "c++ boost" tree is saved in an other mm file.  I can't link a node from other mm file.  But the operation of freemind is much more convenience than PB.
       So I urgently hope the freemind has a DB mode. and now I start the plan.

    2 now ,  the cloud server is very popular.  the PB's cloud is very expensive.  other cloud server supporting freemind is not flexible.  the big mm file which I want to share has some private node.  a small mm file can not express my idea. the DB mode support more   strategy.

    My English is not good.  Did I  express my toughts clearly ?

  • Palisandr

    Palisandr - 2012-06-27


    I join to your discussion.
    I have database with complex team structure which I'd like to export to mm format for visibilty purposes.
    I can write code (VBA) for export table to csv or txt file but have no idea how to generate ID,  CREATED and MODIFIED codes which are in structure of mm format.

    I'll appeciate any help or advice. Ready to share code after finalazing.

  • wang xuguang

    wang xuguang - 2012-07-10

    which data base is fast, and support standalone and server-client mod ?  We consider the local and cloud mm.
    Can we use Data Mining to  analyze the nodes and the links between nodes ?


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