Porting to Android

  • bearant

    bearant - 2013-02-12


    I've spent the last few hours looking at porting freemind to Android. The biggest problem seems to be the tight integration with the Swing framework. The models and controllers all seem to rely on parts of swing. XMLElement and related classes seems like the easiest thing that could be ported.

    I love freemind but can't see an easy way to port. Does any one have any ideas on how to attack the problem. I've looked for a swing on android framework but couldn't find one (at least not web based). Are there any plans to make the models and controllers UI independant?

    If there is no option but to rewrite are there any tips, things to look out for, or things you would have done differently if you had the chance to start over.

    Any pointers would be appreciated.

  • Christian Foltin

    Hi bearant,

    well, AFAIK, there is no easy way of getting FreeMind to run under Android. It would be a real port, IMHO.
    And yes, the coupling between models and ui is too close. I've started to make this less, but this is a very long running task.
    I would be interested in such a port. If you need advices, please contact me. I'll see, how to support.

    What do you mean with "web based"?

    Br, Chris

  • bearant

    bearant - 2013-02-13


    By "web based" I meant some sort of conversion framework from java/swing to HTML5,CSS, Javascript. Something like http://www.creamtec.com/products/ajaxswing/overview.html.  I thought the final code of ajaxswing ran on the device like GWT but it looks like you need a server side component.

    However in my experience any HTML5, CSS, Javascript based app is not the way to go for a complex app like freemind, well at least not for a few years.  I have found Android web apps of significant size run slow and are difficult to debug. Also if you want to hit 95% of Android devices the app needs to run on platform versions 2.2 (Froyo) and greater. The HTML5, CSS, Javascript support on the early versions is not the best, so you land up tweaking the web code on different platforms which is a pain.

  • Lennart Borgman

    Lennart Borgman - 2014-08-06

    Why not write a web app using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to begin with. This can be used as a local app (with a manifest file). Even if that does not work in a mobile for a complicated app at the moment it surely will in the future.

    My experience (using a Samsung Galaxy S2, using Google Chrome) is that you can indeed write web apps and use them locally today. However I have then used plain Javascript without jQuery. SVG seems to work fine.

  • ivano

    ivano - 2015-10-21

    HI freemind staff,
    I am a medior android developer, it is possible to partecipate to a project to develop freemind on mobile.I like the concept you are free and so rich of features( and that you are in Java), with your authorization and few volounteers expert in surfaceView and or OpenGL I would develop with them. I am quite motivated as it would be a great way to enrich my CV and step gradually into the android job world, outside etical opensource considerations


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