FreeMind 1.0.0 Beta6

  • Christian Foltin

    Dear FreeMind users,

    the next beta version of FreeMind 1.0.0 is available.

    It has some new features (proxy settings can be entered, page format for printing is stored and for geographical maps, there is a brand new "local search" that only searches in the currently visible area).  Perhaps, FreeMind looks now better on a Retina display. Finally, I'm proud to welcome a new translation: we now have a serbian translation! Thanks to the author.

    "Beta" indicates, that there is no big risk of data loss, but some of the new features may not work as expected. Observe, that maps, when saved with this version, can't be opened with the stable release 0.9.0 afterwards, as the file format is enhanced in 1.0.0.


    Best regards, Chris.
    FreeMind's director

    The exact changes:

    Changes made in FreeMind 1.0.0 Beta6

    * Geographical search results are displayed differently when selected.
    * Geographical search results are displayed as table including its distance to the cursor.
    * Geographical search can be limited to the visible map
    * http-Proxies can be used, Settings can be entered in the preferences dialog.
    * Page format for print jobs is stored in preferences and restored on each startup.
    * NEW: viewer for maps in the browse mode/java applet.
    * Free node movement is now switched off by default and can be enabled in the preferences.
    * FIXED: Hyperlink open for local file references with unicode characters (for java 6 or higher).
    * Improved display on Retina. Thanks to Rika!

  • Frank Kuypers

    Frank Kuypers - 2012-09-03

    Beta 6 lost the ability to freely drag around node, or relocate them to an other parent  node.
    I am running OSX 10.8.1 , MBP, no retina.
    I went back to Beta 5 as I need that drag function

  • Tom Stuckey

    Tom Stuckey - 2012-09-04

    With Beta 6, I was unable to follow hyperlinks on OSX 10.8.1 and Windows 7 SP1. 
    I was able to still follow links to local artifacts and directories.

  • Christian Foltin


    free node movement is not disabled by default, as it distracts new users to much. You can enable it in the preferences.

    HTH, Chris

  • Christian Foltin


    you are right, hyperlinks don't work. Shame on me. I'll exchange the version very soon.


  • Frank Kuypers

    Frank Kuypers - 2012-09-05

    @ Chris,
    thanks , I am on Beta 6 again , and can move the nodes again.



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