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Design by Committee (Freemind Source Artwork)

  • Marc

    Marc - 2008-03-20

    Back in the summer of 2000, free-wheeling entrepreneur David Goldberg III invited me to holiday on his private island and brainstorm new ideas for a system of mindmapping he called "Freedom Mindgarage." After an intense three-day brainstorm, and a reverse spinal rubdown by an *excellent* russian masseuse, we emerged from our quarters refreshed, envigorated, and completely unprepared for a heavy firefight with the island natives. They won using 1943 technology and an excellent (yet not quite truthful) leaflet campaign. 

    In the end the natives walked away with all of our thoughts on paper, and soon enough we witnessed the online birth of FreeMind, this communistic counterfeit containing all of our ideas, our hopes, our ambitions, now long-haired and wearing flip-flops. David's island dream would go nowhere now - his last good idea gone, his bank accounts dried up for lack of mental capital to invest in proprietary software solutions.

    The natives failed to compromise my last Iomega JAZZ disk, containing some more conceptual artwork. However, I have found myself a sympathizer with their cause and I hereby release all that I have on the disk.

    Enjoy. And, peace, my brothers.


    (Accidentally posted in "Did FM make you angry, Dave?"-land)

    • Ryan

      Ryan - 2008-03-21

      Hi Marc.

      Nice surreal post! I thought it was some kind of dark satire when I read it in the complaints thread. However it's clear your intention was light-hearted. :-)

      Thanks for releasing the artwork. I can see that 0.9 will be an excellent release all round.




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