Freemind 1.0.0 + simplyhtml 0.16.05

  • Felix Natter

    Felix Natter - 2012-12-02

    hello freemind developers,

    I am working on the freeplane debian package which requires a simplyhtml
    (0.16.05) package. Freemind 1.0.0beta9 uses simplyhtml 0.15.x.  I would
    like to avoid creating a separate package for simplyhtml in freeplane vs

    Simplyhtml 0.16.05 contains a few search fixes (+ one other fix, + a
    "paste as plain-text" option which you don't currently use) and
    "approximate search"
    Since the search code ("") is included in the
    simplyhtml source code, it is basically compatible with freemind.

    In the 0.16.05 search dialog ("FindReplaceDialog") there is a new "Approximate"
    check box which needs two things to work:

    (1) some translations:
            jcbMatchApprox.setText(Util.getResourceString(SHTMLPanel.getResources(), "matchApproximately"));
      (one _could_ also add other translation strings, mostly tooltips, see jbInit() here:;a=blob;f=src/de/calcom/cclib/text/;h=89565891884964573a24ed5f26bfe12e6c6ad119;hb=01962aeb749773b7449ce05b83cc9c1ecc1b2dda)
    (2) double threshold = Double.parseDouble(Util.getPreference("approximate_search_threshold", null));

    IMHO there are four options for fixing the simplyhtml-freemind relationship:

    (a) Update simplyhtml ("0.16.06") to disable the "Approximate" checkbox
        (don't display it) when running freemind
        (freemind could be detected by
        "Util.getPreference("approximate_search_threshold", null) == null")

    (b) fix the two problems above in freemind (I can help with this)

    (C) create another simplyhtml debian package for freeplane

    (d) ignore this issue until freemind is actually packaged (currently only
      0.9.0 is packaged)

    In the long run we need solution (b). It's really just adding a few
    properties, but it may be too late to change translation strings for
    freemind 1.0.0? (a) is the quick solution (which may be used only for freemind 1.0.0).
    I'd like to avoid (C).

    What do you think?

    Best Regards,

  • Christian Foltin

    Hi Felix,

    thanks for your post. I've implemented proposal b). It is available in the git repo.

    Br, Chris

  • Felix Natter

    Felix Natter - 2012-12-21

    hi Chris,

    I have two comments regarding this:

    - simplyhtml 0.16.05 requires Java5 (mostly due to enums), but here:
      you state that Java4 is still supported for freemind.

      This is not an issue for the debian package, because nearly all Debian
      users have java >=5, but it may be relevant for the normal 1.0 release.

    - you committed this:
    -       <classpathentry kind="lib" path="lib/SimplyHTML/SimplyHTML.jar" sourcepath="/simplyHtml/src"/>
    +       <classpathentry kind="lib" path="lib/SimplyHTML/SimplyHTML.jar" sourcepath="/home/foltin/java/simplyhtml/simplyhtml"/>

    I will test this briefly as soon as 1.0.0beta10 is out.

    Best Regards,



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