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  • Adam Hoyle

    Adam Hoyle - 2007-12-08

    If a swf (in this case the freemind flash browser) is loading files from a different domain, or even sub domain then you'll need to add a crossdomain.xml file to the (sub)domain it is trying to load the files from. This gives flash player explicit permission to acess the (sub)domain.

    More info here:

  • Wolfgang

    Wolfgang - 2007-12-08

    I seem to remember that flash will only load files from the same site.

    So if your apache server and subversion are on different sites, this will not work. I once used this workaround:
    I created a cgi-module thta copy the file from subversion to a (local) tmp-Directory and only then invoked the flashbrowser with the (now local) URL


  • MindDetegent

    MindDetegent - 2007-12-11

    Hi all,

    I have encountered difficulties with the MediaWiki + FreeMind extension on my intranet.  I have successfully installed the plugin with all the necessary files and followed all the directions.  However, after successfully uploading a *.mm  file and attempt to embed on my wiki, it is blank (could not open/load map from URL http://myserver/wiki/images/f/fa/\).  Uploaded jpgs/gifs/etc work fine though and mediawiki displays those properly. The way the wiki is accessed and where the .mm files are stored are on the same domain (http://myserver)

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

  • lenda

    lenda - 2007-12-23

    Hi Juan Pedro,

    I need to open window with some information like this source:

    --> Javascript inside page that open flash <---

    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
    function AbreJanela(aurl, nomeurl, tamanho_x, tamanho_y, o_ajuste, o_toolbar, o_status, o_menubar, o_scrollbars)

    ---> getURL function that will load in Flash <---

    on (release)
    getURL("javascript:AbreJanela('formulario.html','formulario','400','330','no','no','no','no','no'); void(0);");

    Is it possible to do this using fo.addVariable("openUrl", "_blank")?

    Thank you,
    Antônio Cordeiro

  • W. Winder

    W. Winder - 2007-12-24

    Tables in the notes do not display properly. Bullets don't seem to work either (I get a stream of bullets, rather than each item with a bullet).

    Is this normal behaviour? Is there a work-around?

    (And more generally, what are the limits to the html that one can use in notes?)

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    • Daniel Polansky

      Daniel Polansky - 2007-12-25

      Hello W.,

      I have just tried to create a bullet list and a table in the note window, without any problems. Environment: Windows Vista, Java 1.6.0, FreeMind 0.9.0 beta 15.

      What is your environment? Can you please describe in more detail what you did, where you clicked and what the results were?

      The version of HTML supported in Java and therefore in FreeMind is 3.2, with some elements of 4.0 working too like SPAN, depending on the JRE version.

      Best regards,

    • Daniel Polansky

      Daniel Polansky - 2007-12-25

      Oh, I am sorry. I did not notice this is the flash browser thread. Dan

      • W. Winder

        W. Winder - 2007-12-26

        My goof as well: I should have put flashbrowser indication in the subject heading.

  • Jon Schull

    Jon Schull - 2008-01-20

    I'm trying to use freemind as a visual map of a website and want people to be able to click on a hyperlink in one window (or pane within the browser) and see the target in another window.

    I don't want the link to open in a new tab (because I want the map to remain visible).

    How can I change the behavior of clicked links?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Jon Schull

    Jon Schull - 2008-01-20

    (P.S.  I am trying to use the freemind flash browser...)

  • Bernard Lang

    Bernard Lang - 2008-01-24

    Hi Juan,

    A fine piece of work. Thank you. Just a few bugs and a feature request.

    1) When you have an mm with many nodes, it does not display correctly. Specifically, I have a map with 1,291 nodes (146 kb) that works in java applet, but not in visorFreemind.swf (main node + 1 branch not dispalyed at all). If I reduce node count to 800 it works fine. Is this a known bug, a limitation of visorFreemind.swf, or a limitation of Flash (9,0,47,0). Is there a number of nodes I can count on when planning (1,024?). Is this a total count, or does it depend on the nodes in a single branch? Do you want me to post a sample file?

    2) With complex map (800 nodes) there are some strange redraw probs after repeated resizing, which don't occur in java. See image:

    3) Repeatedly sesizing the map down in size, the map disappears, then if you keep shrinking starts to grow, but the text disappears. See same image (it can get a lot worse too after a while).

    4) Setting the background color in the loading html params never seems to work (selecting it on visormind screen does. Is this a bug?

    5) Feature request. To map the fact that you can drag the map obvious, (esp to newbies) the open hand, drag cursor should be displayed when you are over the backbround or any non clickable object.

    That's all for now. Hope these bug reports are useful.

    Keep up the great work...


  • Bernard Lang

    Bernard Lang - 2008-01-28

    Hi Juan,

    A simple honest to goodness bug this time (latest vs Freemind/flashbrowser + Flash 9).

    1) Use params to put the navi buttons at the bottom of the screen
    2) Click the left most / square icon (show linked maps)
    3) Map links / images appear at the top of the screen (as if buttons at top)
    4) You cannot navigate to select map as dispappear when move off squere icon

    All for now


  • samos29

    samos29 - 2008-03-05


    Your Freemind Flash Browser is really a great addon : I've to put some maps on an intranet site, and it's a good tool to see mindmaps without Freemind installed. But I've a big problem : on some PC, the mindmap appears OK, but on other machines, there are no fonts. I can just see the lines of the nodes and the cliparts.

    What could be this problem ?
    Must Freemind be installed on each machine to make Freemind Flash Browser working ?

    Please, help me !!

    Thank you very much.

    • Bernard Lang

      Bernard Lang - 2008-03-05

      Hi Samos,

      >>Must Freemind be installed on each machine to make Freemind Flash Browser working ?


      Might be the version of Flash (7+, or 8 for maps with .PNGs I think), but my best guess is the font you are using is not installed on all the target PCs?

      Try the map using standard font, say Arial, if you are using non standard fonts.



  • Antonimo

    Antonimo - 2008-03-14

    I have been using the Flashbrowser for a couple of years.

    I recently went tt a page that had been working before but is no longer...

    The map opens up fine in Firefox but not in IE6 - In IE6 the "loading" image appears and remains there. I am unsure which version of the Flashbrowser is being used there.

    I have also uploaded the latest version 1.0b directly to my server with the same problem. It works fine in Firefox but not in IE6.

    Can anybody suggest what the trouble might be? The Shockwave Flash plugin version in Firefox is Shockwave Flash 9.0 r115 - I cannot determione the IE version, but the entire OS was installed from scratch (XP Pro SP2) only a few weeks ago.

  • Antonimo

    Antonimo - 2008-03-14

    I have just resolved the problem I had mentioned a few minutes ago.

    I went to Adobe to download the latest version of the Flash Player for IE and now all Flashbrowser mindmaps are working again.

  • aboehme

    aboehme - 2008-03-25

    Hello, everybody!

    Thank you very match for your work! This is great!

    I have a following problem. In IE map appear not in the center of the screen; it displays in the left top corner.
    In what hier can be a problem?

    Thankful in advance for the answer!

    • Bernard Lang

      Bernard Lang - 2008-03-25


      >>Thank you very match for your work! This is great!

      It's not my work, but, yes it is. Assuming, from the thread, your using the Flash Browser (not the applet), there are parameters you can set in the html that loads the Flash Browser swf. Can't remember the source url, but my local version of the mm containing the full set of instructions is:

      The paremeters you need to tweek in the html are (have a look at the html that's loading the swf using "view source" for your web page if necessary): "offsetX" & "offsetY". The parameters in my own html are as follows:

      <script type="text/javascript">
      var fo = new FlashObject("visorFreemind.swf", "floater", "100%", "50%", "6", "#bb0000");
      fo.addParam("bgcolor", "#ffffcc");
      fo.addVariable("openUrl", "mainframe");
      fo.addParam("wmode", "opaque");
      fo.addVariable("initLoadFile", "");
      if (navigator.appName.indexOf("Microsoft") != -1) {
         // MSIE4+
         // NN4+&Others

      Note the entries: fo.addVariable("offsetX","-50") & fo.addVariable("offsetY","0"); You can also set these to "left" and "right", but if you want exact control of where your map appears, just play with these values and enter (integer) numbers to adjust the position of your map.

      HTH - and is slightly clearer than mud.

      Any probs, post again...


      • aboehme

        aboehme - 2008-03-27

        Hi, Bernard.

        Thank you for your answer. It's worked!

        I have one more question.
        For what you use this:
                     fo.addParam("wmode", "opaque");

        I can't find this features in "".

        I want, that my mindmap have exactly the flash window size. I can make it with FIT button, but not by initialization . Use you this parameters for it?

        Thankful in advance for the answer.

        • Bernard Lang

          Bernard Lang - 2008-03-27

          Hi Artem,

          >>It's worked!

          Glad it helped.

          >>fo.addParam("wmode", "opaque"); 

          These are parameters that Flash uses, but afaik don't seem to be effective in the FM Flash Browsers.

          e.g. If my Flash memory serves, you should be able to set:

          fo.addParam("wmode", "transparent");

          and see through the image to the bg html color, but (sadly because it would be really useful) it's never worke for me (Win XP, Flash 9).


          Oops, clearly one or the other of these is wrong. Not sure which, though, or whether it would change things or not.

          >>I want, that my mindmap have exactly the flash window size.

          I would love so too, but I've never managed to get it to work.

          Anyoen else have more joy with this?

          P.S. I believe the order in which the parameters are set does matter, so it might be worth playing.

          P.P.S. source info I used was the combined with notes on Flash swf parameters from Adobe/Macromedia site (forgotten the url)


          • aboehme

            aboehme - 2008-04-01

            Hi, Bernard

            Thank you very much!!

  • Steve Brettell

    Steve Brettell - 2008-03-27

    I'm really new to all this, and I'm not even sure of terminology.  What I saw in the demo is cool.  I downloaded it.

    Now what?

    How do I open and use it?  Please put up with me while I'm learning.

  • John White

    John White - 2008-05-16

    Hi Juan,

    I'm using the Freemind Flash browser from a Moodle VLE installation, and its excellent!

    However, I do want to report one problem, and ask if you or others have met and solved this one before...

    I'm using version 0.99 of the flash browser/player, and if I place one Mindmap into a Moodle page (that is an HMTL page) it works fine, but if I place two different Mindmaps on the page I get different results from different internet browsers...

    On Firefox 2 (on Mac OS X) and Netscape 8 (on Windows XP) I get 2 Mindmaps, but on Safari 3 (Mac OS X) and IE6 (Windows XP) I only see one Mindmap, and this is the second one defined, but it appears in place of the first one!!

    To me it seems obvious that either the Browser concerned can't cope with two instances of the Flash player, or the two instances are using the same internal handle/name in the offending browsers.

    Is there a variable I cab set to force a differentiation between the two?



    PS: For clarity I have attached the HTML where it can be seen that the instances are very similar, but obviously intended to be different:

    <td class="content">
      <div class="summary">
        <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
        <center>The TTT1 Mind Map: </center><br /><br/>
        <div id="freemind-0">Flash plugin or Javascript are turned off. Activate both and reload to view the mindmap.</div>
          <script type="text/javascript">
            // <![CDATA[
            var fo = new FlashObject("", "visorFreeMind-0", "100%", "350", 6, "#ffffff");
                fo.addVariable("initLoadFile", "");
                fo.addVariable("baseImagePath", "");
                fo.addVariable("startCollapsedToLevel", "1");
                fo.addVariable("align", "center");
                fo.addVariable("openURL", "frame1"); 
            // ]]>

    <td class="content">
      <div class="summary"><
        script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
        The 'Flashbrowser MindMap'<br />-included here to show what can be done!<br /><br/>
        <div id="freemind-0">Flash plugin or Javascript are turned off. Activate both and reload to view the mindmap.</div>
          <script type="text/javascript">
            // <![CDATA[
            var fo = new FlashObject("", "visorFreeMind-0", "100%", "450", 6, "#ffffff");
                fo.addVariable("initLoadFile", "");
                fo.addVariable("baseImagePath", "");
                fo.addVariable("startCollapsedToLevel", "1");
                fo.addVariable("align", "center");
                fo.addVariable("openURL", "frame2"); 
            // ]]>

  • John White

    John White - 2008-05-16

    I have now solved the problem I described. In fact asking the question was really what gave me the answer!
    The text filter file filter.php was indeed generating identical id's and the two offending browsers couldn't cope with that.

    I have let the filter writer know.



    • Carlier Cédric

      Carlier Cédric - 2008-06-10

      hello i am trying to give a background image in my mindmap, 'cause i want to use it as a menu for entering languages-learning activities, and , as it is for teenagers, you know, background, colors and other fancy stuffs are great to grap their attention. I thought it would be an easy thing to settle this in the minmaps.html file of the browser as:

      body {
              height: 100%;
              margin: 0;
              padding: 0;
              background-image: url('/image/03_sayfa_2.jpg');

      //and later, changing param:

              var fo = new FlashObject("visorFreemind.swf", "visorFreeMind", "100%", "100%", 6, "#9999ff");
              fo.addParam("background-image", "/image/03_sayfa_2.jpg");

      then, changed the flashonject.js

                       if (c) this.background = this.addParam('background-image',url());

      that didn't work, it would have been too easy, but the point is that i don't understand why that error message in my webbrowser:

      Flash plugin or Javascript are turned off. Activate both and reload to view the mindmap
              Would anyone help and explain?thanks

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