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  • Szarik

    Szarik - 2006-11-15

    How to customize Freemind flash Browser to polish language. I exactly mean: how to change (in upper menu) english descriptions into polish ones.  How to change for instance the word "BACK" into polish "POWRÓĆ", How to change the word "DOWN" into polish "NA DÓŁ" etc. Thank you for your help.

  • joachimw

    joachimw - 2006-11-26

    Hi Juan Pedro,
    the output of the flash browser becomes completely garbled when displaying large maps (approx. 1500 nodes, each node approx. 12 attributes). Medium and small size maps look good. Is there any way to drop or send you the mm-file for test purpose??

    Regards, Jo

  • Dimitry Polivaev

    Hello Juan Pedro,

    I would like to offer the download of your browser from the download section of the freemind and have some questions:

    1. What would yuo like more, including of the flash browser in the freemind main package, creating an extra download package or both?

    2. Do you need an access rights to the freemind file release system to maintain the cmoing flash browser package ?


  • Antanas

    Antanas - 2007-04-05

    Seems like the Search box inside FreeMindFlashBrowser doesn't accepts UTF-8 coding. I'm wrong?

    Great job, JuanPedro!

  • ashutosh

    ashutosh - 2007-04-06

    Dear all,

    I checked out the current version form cvs and tried to compile the sources. Basically, I want to play with it and enchance it. First I tried with mtasc compiler. I commented out trace and Flashout lines, as I guess they are meant for debugging. The compile went well, but when I loaded the corresponding html file I cant see anything. Then I tried compiling with mtasc in strict mode and too many errors came. Then I tried to compile with Flex2 compiler and it gave errors, since visorFreemind is written in actionscript2 and flex2 is for actionscript3. Any pointers who shall I proceed.

    Juan Pedro

  • Rui Carmo

    Rui Carmo - 2007-04-06

    Since I can't seem to get in touch with Juan Pedro anymore (I sent him an e-mail regarding this and got one reply, but no more), here are my suggestions for improving the Flash browser.

    The first suggestion is regarding the toolbar. It's simple, unobtrusive, etc, but I keep wondering if there is a way to make it go away completely for some purposes, or at least change the appearance and position.

    Me, I'd love to see a Mac-like semi-transparent round rectangle along the bottom that faded in and out as you moved the mouse into the Flash zone.

    The second is about the tooltips. For some reason, they are always in Times (serif), and there doesn't seem to be a way to change the font, color, etc. (If there is, I can't find it). I'd love to see some form of parameter to change their look.

    Also, I don't understand why the tooltips change size when you zoom the map (yes, I have an idea of how Flash scaling works, but... you could probably zoom them separately). Zooming is one thing that might be easier to do using the mouse wheel, but I don't recall having seen any Flash application that handled mouse wheel events.

    (Which reminds me, some users find it hard to figure out you can drag the map around unless the cursor changes in some way. I don't know what sort of limitations Flash imposes, but it would be nice to have another "hand" cursor to show that.)

    Finally, regarding zooming (and although I realize that you pick up the default view setting from FreeMind, I'd love to have the mind maps "smart fit" to the display area (or, again, have a parameter to do that).

    I would also like to have access to the latest source code to see if I could do these changes myself, but what I can see on SourceForge seems to be either very outdated or subtly broken (I haven't been able to build it properly).

  • JuanPedro

    JuanPedro - 2007-04-08

    Hello all,
    sorry for my delay in the responses mainly to Rui Carmo who has been trying to contact me,
    I  have just update the flash version and updated the CVS version. Now is 0.99,
    link here

    responses to Rui:
    Yes the toolbar can disappear  with justMap=false

    I really don´t know how would be the Mac-like style just made some changes for alpha changes.

    Tooltips: they were requested to scale with the mindmaps, thats default behave, but now you can turn it off with "scaleTooltips". Style can be change with "flashfreemind.css" and bgcolor with toolTipsBgColor. Also as requested by Scott I've add a "defaultToolTipWordWrap" attribute.

    Now mouse wheel is used for panning, but it sound better for scale (I´ll do the change latter).

    "smart fit": should be wonderfull, either at load or later with a new button. I would like to do the changes today.

    AS I said before I just upload the code to the CVS any changes you would like to make, either send to me and I'll add to the code or may be you would like to join to the flashBrowser develop.

    some minor modifications plus:

    some new atributes:

    defaultToolTipWordWrap: max width for tooltips.
    offsetX: for the center of the mindmap // admit also "left" and "right"
    offsetY: for the center of the mindmap // admit also "top" and "bottom"
    scaleTooltips: has been requested, default is true
    toolTipsBgColor: bgcolor for tooltips ej;"0xaaeeaa"
    now you can use "flashfreemind.css" for tooltips stile:
        p {
        font-family: Arial;
        color: #664400;

    max_alpha_buttons: for dynamic view of buttons
    min_alpha_buttons: for dynamic view of buttons

    buttonsPos: "top" or "bottom"

  • sinemac

    sinemac - 2007-04-09

    Thanks for the updated flashBrowser, Juan Pedro!!!

    There are some excellent additions in there... I, of course, particularly appreciate the "defaultToolTipWordWrap" attribute! ;-)


  • JuanPedro

    JuanPedro - 2007-04-09

    Hello all, I have just  update the flashBrowser, links as allways

    new button "fit". Fits map in the window.
    Now mouse wheel scale map.

    That's all.

    Juan Pedro.

  • ashutosh

    ashutosh - 2007-04-13

    Dear Juan,

    Can you please confirm if the latest version in cvs is upto date and is of released version 1.0a.
    Also if some specifics to be kept in mind while compiling the sources.
    Can I compile with adobe mxmlc's compiler (of Actionscript version3) or it is meant to compile with mtasc only?


  • JuanPedro

    JuanPedro - 2007-04-13

    Hi Ashutosh,
    yes, the last version en CVS is up to date of released 1.0a.
    I've allways use mtasc and don't know if there are any problems compiling for AS3,
    I'll try to check.

    Juan Pedro.

  • david low

    david low - 2007-04-20

    Hi Juan,

    I've noticed on the new version 1.0a that if I have nodes with < > around the name...the text becomes microscopic when view in the flash browser.

    Windows XP, Java 6, IE6...

    Thanks for the continued work, really appreciated.


  • JuanPedro

    JuanPedro - 2007-04-23

    Hello David,
    just saw your message.
    I´ve update the browser, I hope it will work ok now.


    Juan Pedro

  • ashutosh

    ashutosh - 2007-04-25

    Dear Juan,

    I checked out the current version from cvs trunk and is trying to compile it. I need to modify the args in build.xml as :
        <arg line="-version 8 -cp /home/ashutosh/lab/flex/freemind/ver1.0/ver1.0/flash/mtasc/std -cp /home/ashutosh/lab/flex/freemind/ver1.0/ver1.0/flash/mtasc/std8 visorFreeMind/ -swf /home/ashutosh/public_html/mm/freemind_test.swf -header  800:600:24 " />

    I also commented out the Flashout and trace as i dont have currently. But I guess that shouldnt be the problem.
    After this my compile went fine, but i am not seeing anything in the browser. The swf object is created, but it is not showing anything. In the mindmaps.html i replaced the visorFreemind.swf with the name of my swf object freemind_test.swf.

    Can you provide some direction as to where might be the problem so that I can debug this further.


  • JuanPedro

    JuanPedro - 2007-04-25

    Hello Ashutosh,
    I'm actually using flashdevelop, and some times eclipse, but the first one is easier to use, if you want I cant  send you a flashDevelop project .zip. IT is strange that the flashBrowser is loaded but no midmap is loaded, by default the map "" is open.

    I'll erase all Flashout from the code, and will left just trace in the next version.
    I don´t know if all this helps you, but ask any other thing I'll be very glad to provide you with further info or my gtalk direction.

    hope this helps and thanks.
    Juan Pedro.

  • ashutosh

    ashutosh - 2007-04-25

    ..Umm... yeah it would help if you can send the flashDevelop project, that way I need not to set-up anything here and if there was any config problem due to it, that will go away. 
    U can either upload it somewhere and give me the url or send me at ashutosh.chauhan<AT>

    Another thing is does my args in build.xml looks suspicious, its slightly different the original.

    <arg line="-version 8 -cp /home/ashutosh/lab/flex/freemind/ver1.0/ver1.0/flash/mtasc/std -cp /home/ashutosh/lab/flex/freemind/ver1.0/ver1.0/flash/mtasc/std8 visorFreeMind/ -swf /home/ashutosh/public_html/mm/freemind_test.swf -header 800:600:24 " />

    Particularly I needed to add -version 8 and -cp for std and std8. I am not sure why am I doing this.

    Earlier, when I compiled I got the errors

    [exec] /home/ashutosh/lab/flex/freemind/ver1.0/ver1.0/flash/mtasc/std8/flash/geom/ characters 10-13 : parse error Unexpected add
         [exec] Result: 1

    This and other similiarly related went away i added -version 8.(After reading from the net)

    Then I had

         [exec] Directory 'std' containing MTASC class headers cannot be found :
         [exec] Please install it or set classpath using '-cp' so it can be found.
         [exec] Result: 1

    This went away when I added those classpath entries. (Again after reading from net).

    But I am not completely sure if this is the correct args.

    Your comments on this may help me to move forward.

    Another thing is are you thinking to port this code to AS3 in future?


  • david low

    david low - 2007-04-26

    Thanks Juan!!! All fixed, <> problem solved.

    Many thanks again, what a legend!


  • duhastmich

    duhastmich - 2007-06-13


    Great browser!

    I have a couple of suggestions if I may:

    1. Can browser automatically center on the node that is being actively explored and its branches? Meaning if I click on the node, that node with its contents automatically move to the center of the screen.

    2. The toolbar on top is great, and I thought that if a search box was marked as such, the panner was marked as such with text tooltip or legend, it could help many end-users. Also, if the tooltips were a bit more self-explanatory, such as "fit to screen" instead of "fit" and "zoom in" and "zoom out" instead of "shrink" and "increase".

    Maybe the toolbar can become customizeable? For instance, maybe text links could be added to it - that way, it will be easier to use this to run a website...

    Thank you!

  • duhastmich

    duhastmich - 2007-06-14

    Also, can you please make it so that when implementing HTML links, the entire node serves as a link and not just the red arrow?


  • touffe

    touffe - 2007-06-26

    A very nice browser. Thanks a lot!

    I have just tried a map (v1.0a) in IE7 (windows XP). Who would have doubted, there is a problem? After clicking a link the map sticks at the mouse cursor. In IE6 this problem doesn't occur.

    The only solution I have found is to put the link configuration on _self. But that's somewhat a pity. Has somebody else another idea?


  • Rui Carmo

    Rui Carmo - 2007-07-22

    Hello there,

    There's one thing I don't get about the flashfreemind.css - does it have to be placed alongside the mindmap? Because if it does, it's useless to me (I generate maps dynamically and can't place a css file on the same path).


  • Rui Carmo

    Rui Carmo - 2007-07-22

    Ah, yes. Also, the Flash trying to request the flashfreemind.css generates an extra HTTP request that my site could do without - since it's a Wiki, the engine has to go and generate an entire HTML page.

    Let's say I put a mindmap at http://localhost/wiki/tests/MindMap - which is a wiki page.

    The mindmap file I specify within that Wiki page is /cgi-bin/mm?foo, so it goes and grabs the output. That bit works fine.

    But then it tries to get http://localhost/wiki/tests/flashfreemind.css, which my Wiki engine believes to be a Wiki page...

    So we need a parameter to specify where the CSS is at the very least (baseCSSFile?)

    Another thing I noticed is that the flash browser will also try to grab images from the same (incorrect) path. So I also see requests for:


    Which are also incorrect, so I think we also need some way to say where images are (baseImagePath?)

  • jcd

    jcd - 2007-08-24

    Hello All,

    First I want to say I am grateful to the persons who have developed Flash Browser : Very nice "design", witty functionalities, all my readers on my site had rather click on the flash browser than on the java browser ;-)

    Actually I use FlashBrowser as a "map site". Each node has an hyperlink towards the webpage named, and I re-used webpages' META tag "description" as a note in each node. It works fine, BUT I have a problem that some Internet newbies encountered when clicking on a link.

    My site is built with <FRAME><FRAMESET> tags, and I have named each frame. When a link is clicked, usually I write :
    <A Href="http://www.mysite.blob/linked_page.html" target="principal">Link towards page</A> right ?

    How can I specify in my map the "target" argument for each link ? By default, target seems to have "_blank" value and it can be disturbing for some people to surf on the site : Some pages are organised as a path, and thus the "_blank" target scatters the pages, visually breaking the path...

    I thought that with the next FreeMind version, one could create an attribute "target" which would be reused by yhe flash browser...

    Any help appreciated,

  • JuanPedro

    JuanPedro - 2007-08-28

    Hello all,
    jcd, for your problem you can use the attribute openUrl that works like "target", I think thats would be ok. Tell me if you have a problem

    Rui carmo, I will put some new attributes in a next version so you can have a baseCSSFile, baseImagePath. I will write here as soon as I have done it.

    Any other sugestion?

    Thanks for your coments :-)

    Juan Pedro.

  • jcd

    jcd - 2007-08-28

    Hi Juan Pedro,

    I have just tried your piece of advice, using the last FM beta12. I added an "openUrl" (respecting the case) attribute to one node to test, I added "FrameName" value and then I published the map with the three files (start.html, engine.swf, : It does not seem to work :-(

    For instance my frame is called "principal", should I add "principal" (between brackets) or principal (naked) as a value? Are we really talking about nodes' attributes ?

    Best regards,

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