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  • André Ulrich

    André Ulrich - 2006-05-24

    Sorry, had seen that linefeed is supported already. To be more precise regarding styling, I mean the style within a node so that single words can be styled up.


    • Ken Robertson

      Ken Robertson - 2006-05-26

      G'day André ,

      All thanks go to Juan Pedro and the rest of the developers.  I'm a mere fan (or maybe a groupie - scary thought!)

      Dan Polansky has already put much effort into integrating a Rich Text editor into Freemind.  It's discussed on the FreeMind wiki at and in the forums. (There are links in the FreeMind wiki to the forum thread and the download for the alpha.)


      • André Ulrich

        André Ulrich - 2006-05-26

        Hej Ken, thanks for the quick response.

        The editor surely is nice, but I like to use the Flash-Browser for displaying maps. What I miss are inner node styling options. Like for example put a word in bold, make a newline and display the rest of the text in another color. Maybe I missed something and this is already supported. I had a look but could not display styled text with the Flash-Browser.

        • Ken Robertson

          Ken Robertson - 2006-05-26

          G'day Andre,

          Personally I'm not overly excited by prospect of selected Rich Text in mindmaps, so I haven't played in earnest with Dan's version.  However JuanPedro has mentioned that HTML support in the flashBrowser ain't the best.  As JP said "The application just use the actual facilities of Flash for rendering Html, which are poor."


          • André Ulrich

            André Ulrich - 2006-05-26

            Ok, at the moment I cannot see any rendering for HTML within the node. Hope Juan sum up a bit the status and the road for small support of rich-rendering on his FlashBrowser.

    • André Ulrich

      André Ulrich - 2006-05-26

      Argh, now I understand my mistake. Just saw the wiki from Ken and thought he developed the Flash-Browser. So thanks Juan for the great developing and Ken for the Wiki!

  • Dimitry Polivaev


    I have tried to open the freemind docu mind map in the flash browser in order to use this as a public freemind documentation. It does not work. Could you try it and explain, why ?

    Regards, Dimitri

  • JuanPedro

    JuanPedro - 2006-06-07

    Hello Dimitri,
    I have just open it with the flash browser without any problem. Are you speaking of this document? If not , can you send it to me, or give me a link to it.
    Juan Pedro.

    • Dimitry Polivaev

      Exactly. When I have tried to open it with Internet Explorer it was OK, but I can not see the map opening it in firefox


      P.S. I just want to let you know: all attempts to write you a mail to your mail address at from my account has failed. That's why I have registered myself at to be able to write to you. I would prefer to communicate directly, not using this forum.

  • JuanPedro

    JuanPedro - 2006-06-08

    Hello Dimitri,
    just realized where is the problem. There is a bug (Flash or FireFox, I don't know) and the application doesn't recive a notification when trying to load an image that doesn't exist. I'm trying to figure out how resolve it. A temporal solution would be to check that all the linked images exist, and if not, remove then from the mindmap.

    As soon as I found a solution I'll post a message.

  • Antonimo

    Antonimo - 2006-06-15


    When I use Freemind Flash Browser, the main node is not centred on the screen; it is always a little bit over to the left.

    I have tested with maps that only have a central node, as well as very complex maps.

    Is it just my computer or do others experience the same thing?

    Is there a work-around?

    Other than this minor quirk, I am finding the Flash Browser to be more and more useful all the time - Thanks for it!

  • Peter Tandler

    Peter Tandler - 2006-06-21


    the flash browser is really, really cool!

    However, it seems to have problems with large maps. I tried to display a large map (about 200KB), and the layout is then completely brokwn, all links are displayed on top of each other. One map had few branches on the left side and many on the right side --> the left side was displayed fine, the right side didn't work.

    Any idea why?


  • david low

    david low - 2006-08-01

    Hi Juan Pedro,

    Love the browser, makes freemind more usable for sharing, however...

    As per the Peter's previsous post, I am also having the same problem with large maps.  It appears to be at about the 134K mark, the map breaks down, and some of my bigger maps, don't load, just sits there with the loading dots flashing.

    Great work, I'll keep investigating...


    • JuanPedro

      JuanPedro - 2006-08-01

      Hi David, thanks for your complains. It looks like the problem is related to limits of flash the flash player, about the number of movieclip instances, or something like that. I´ll try to figure it out.

      Thanks again

      Juan Pedro.

  • Bea

    Bea - 2006-09-14

    Hi there Juan,

    Must say I love the browser, fantastic job! I've only recently converted and I'm now a permanent convert :)

    I have one problem which I hope is an easy fix. I have a file structure of maps (based on my study). Say it's like this:
    /index.html (with .swf and .js)

    From my map using FreeMind I link to

    The 1.pdf link fails silently on the ../ - finds the 1/1.pdf and all is fine (it links to the pdf).

    The 2.pdf link - fails. Because it thinks it's sitting in the base / (with the index) and can't find a 2/ directory.

    If this works for you it's possible my explanation is not complex enough.

    You can see for yourself at
    You might have to dig down a few maps to find a file link.

    By the way the map links are fine with the directory structure, it's only the file links that fail.

    Thanks for the work on this, really nice job. I love the rendering on the branches.

    - B

    PS. I've not been successful in showing JPG images either. Is this also a directory problem?

  • JuanPedro

    JuanPedro - 2006-09-14

    Hello all,
    just updated to v0.98. Very small update, added new icon, and modify others. Two new html options, one for hidding the upper options,

    and another for showing no shape in the main node. Interesting if you just want to show an image.

    added shadow to the main node, if shadow mode and flash version >=8

    Also some support for richcontent node (v9), but you know that flash support for html code is not very good. So plain text is the best. With notes, as now you have to use richcontent, plain text is not posible, and the visualization not very good.
    I'll do my best.

    Juan Pedro.

  • John Bair

    John Bair - 2006-10-01

    Hi Juan,

    Thanks very much for your great flash browser!
    Based on your example code, I created a FreeMind browser wiki plugin for TikiWiki at 

    Using the plugin, it is possible to uploaded a mindmap as a wiki attachment and display it using your flash plugin.


  • lostchild

    lostchild - 2006-10-17

    İ guess i m feeling silly :- Because i couldnt get the flash browser to work on my site.İ have no problem with the local and  I am sure i m missing something very simple but i cant figure out what s the problem. It didnt work and I tried to enter absolute paths instead    for the url s, but it didnt work again. I also looked for the source of other pages with flash browser in. Any  ideas for what can be causing the problem ? If there s another forum for this type of question .. please let me know.

    • Ken Robertson

      Ken Robertson - 2006-10-18

      G'dayn lostchild,
      Is any of this of any assistance?

      • lostchild

        lostchild - 2006-10-18

        thank you Ken. I ve seen ur page before i posted the message. As i said before i m sure it s something simple. But it s not working...
        I downloaded the sample files: ""

        I didnt change anything. It works in the local. But it has a problem when i upload. the Swf loads but the map doesnt load in to the swf. So i m sure i dun have a problem with the following files :

        flashobject.js file

        All the files r in the same folder. So i dun need to change anything on the sample files. I tried absolute paths also. I have the interface in the swf file, the buttons etc ... then i have this issue : I press on the shadow button and i see the one main node with the label: "undefined" and nothing else.
        Do u have any idea ?

        • Ken Robertson

          Ken Robertson - 2006-10-19

          Hmm, interesting.

          Haven't come across "undefined" before.

          Can you check for corruption while uploading to your webhost?  (Compare MD5 sums).
          Have you tried replacing your map with a minimal one, e.g. a simple map with plain text root and one child node?

          Do you have another web server you can experiment on?  (Perhaps you could test your map in the wiki?)

          Good luck

          • lostchild

            lostchild - 2006-10-23

            Sorry Ken. I was  very busy so i couldnt reply. Yeah i made a very very simple map and it didnt work on my server either.Today, i uploaded it to google and saw that it s working fine. I m using Dreamweaver for FTP and couldnt saw an option about MD5 checksums ( as u can understand : i really dun know what that is). I also used WFTP,  a nice and simple ftp software and it didnt change. What kind of a setting should the server need for my mindmaps to work ? I mean, what can be special about them, so they r not loading or not uploaded normally ?  thanks ...

          • Hal Eden

            Hal Eden - 2009-01-11

            > Haven't come across "undefined" before.

            i have been experiencing this--turns out that the TEXT= (and LINK=) are case sensitive--my mm file had them as text= (and link=) and gave an "undefined" node (and the link didn't work). i changed them all to upper case, et voila'


  • Antonimo

    Antonimo - 2006-11-03

    Is there a way to control the position of the central node when using the Flash Browser?

    I would like to be able to control the offset of the centre with a "fo.addVariable" or something similar.

    I often have maps that are very low down on the page and too far to the right. Is there another cause of this?

  • Antonimo

    Antonimo - 2006-11-13

    Hi and thanks for this useful addition for FreeMind,

    I have the line:

        fo.addVariable("openUrl", "_self");

    but the links to other web pages open in new windows in Internet Explorer 6, although they open in the same window in Firefox.

    Is there something else I need to do to force the links to open in the same window in IE?

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