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  • CharlesCollis

    CharlesCollis - 2008-06-02

    Hi Juan,

    I have found your flash browser very useful for visualising complex hierarchical relationships with a web-based database I am developing (non-commercial). I think perhaps similar to Bernard's post from 2008-01-24, I am finding that it is not displaying mindmaps that have more than about 1000 nodes. What happens is that all the nodes appear at the top of the screen all distributed horizontally along a single line!

    When viewing hierarchical information, one can easily get well over a 1000 nodes very easily, so I just wondered if there was any way to remove this limitation? (It works fantastically for mindmaps with a smaller number of nodes though, and I'm very happy with the way it works, other than that.)

    Charles Collis.

    • Andrew

      Andrew - 2008-06-02

      Same issue, here, as well.  I see bug # 1866657 and # 1779119 are open w.r.t. this issue (duplicate issues?).  Not sure if FlashBrowser developers are using Bug Tracker, so I'll wave my arms, here, too.

      I had issues with the Java Browser and certain people's computers.  Could never figure it out, even though browser tests at worked correctly.  Never had an issue with FlashBrowser (it even works with 0.9.0 beta files, unlike the Java Browser) until I exceeded this "upper limit".

    • Bernard Lang

      Bernard Lang - 2008-06-03

      Hi Charles & Andrew,

      Yes, it's a real shame this issue has still not been adressed. Flash presentation online is such a key advantage over competitors, and the original implementation was excellent except for this pesky apparent ik node limit (never found the exact figure, but it's not 1,024).

      Juan seems to be semi-detached/retired/not posting, & I haven't found any fixes / workarounds, so if it's big & can't be split I use the applet. The only help I can provide is the script below which we use to tell us when we are approaching 1k and makes it easy to analyse the size of branches when splitting maps.



      /* --Document Information Retriever-- */
      /* --Author: Bernard Lang, 2008--     */
      /* --Requires: 0.9.0b16 or later--     */

      /* Usage
      Attach  script to root node using Tools>>Script Editor.
      Evaluate script using Tools>>Evaluate (Alt-F8)
      A dialogue is displayed listing document info:
      1) Freemind version number you are using
      2) Number of nodes in map (incl root)
      3) Depth of map in levels (incl root)

      Note1: If you attach script to a node other than root
      script displays info for children of that node
      only so you can evaluate the size of a branch.

      Note2: This is especially useful when exporting to Flash,
      as Flash Freemind Browser apparently does not display
      maps with over 1,000 nodes correctly

      Note3: If you use the Pattern Manager to attach this script
      to a Physical Pattern (Style), you can  select any node,
      then apply the pattern to retrieve the number of nodes in
      any branch

      Note4: If you are using 0.9.0b17, you need to set your prefs
      to "Permit File Operations" by going to:

      import freemind.modes.*; 
      import javax.swing.JOptionPane;

      //Get the version info
      currentVersion = c.getFrame().getFreemindVersion();

      //Get the document info
      nodeInfo = getNodeInfo(node, [0,0]);

      //Display the info
      "You are running " + currentVersion
      + "\nDescendants:" + (1 + nodeInfo[0]).toString() + " nodes"
      + "\nDepth:" + (1 + nodeInfo[1]).toString() + " levels",
      "Document Info...",

      //retrieves info on number of nodes/levels
      def getNodeInfo(MindMapNode targetNode, nodeInfo) {
          nodeInfo[0] = 0;
          def myChildren =  targetNode.childrenUnfolded();
          while (myChildren.hasNext()) {
              def myChild =;
              nodeInfo[0] = nodeInfo[0] + 1;
              nodeInfo[1] = Math.max(nodeInfo[1], myChild.getNodeLevel());
              nodeInfo[0] = nodeInfo[0] + getNodeInfo(myChild, nodeInfo)[0];
          return nodeInfo;

  • Antonimo

    Antonimo - 2008-07-15

    I am using the version that I downloaded this morning - v1.0b

    I have been trying to implement the CSSFile attribute to style the tooltips but have not succeeded.

    May I check the syntax?

    I have used this:


    the file "flashfreemind.css" is in the same directory as visorFreemind.swf

    Unfortunately, I cannot find any examples of how this attribute should be used.

  • Antonimo

    Antonimo - 2008-07-15

    Is it possible to change the background colour for Nodes' Attributes?

  • Antonimo

    Antonimo - 2008-07-16

    Is it possible to have shadows "on" by default with an "addVariable"?

  • Louis Cordier

    Louis Cordier - 2008-10-15

    For the people that use Trac ( to manage their software projects I would just like to announce that I created a wiki macro to make embedding of mindmaps a lot easier.

    You can find it at

    Regards, Louis.

  • blueharmony

    blueharmony - 2008-10-22


    I love the Flash Browser--it's a great way to share my mindmaps.

    I have successfully installed the flash browser and have adjusted mindmaps.html so that it shows me one mind map. I have a bunch of mind maps loaded into the same directory as mindmaps.html. how do I show the stacked index of all these mindmaps as done at this link I have changed mindmaps.html to point to an initial mindmap called but that doesn't do anything.

    I'm using Freemind 0.9.0 b20 and flash browser v 1.0b.

    Thank you,


    • JuanPedro

      JuanPedro - 2008-10-28

      Hello Blue :-),

      for using this facility, you have to add the
      variable "genAllShots" with value "true" to
      the variables receibed by the flashBrowser


      and it will generate shots  from all the linked mindmaps to the main mainmap ( the first one that is loaded).


  • blueharmony

    blueharmony - 2008-10-28

    Awesome --thank you Jpeter. That worked great.

  • Murray Wiseman

    Murray Wiseman - 2008-10-29

    Will Flash browser display Rich text?

  • Murray Wiseman

    Murray Wiseman - 2008-11-26

    When running the Flash browser directly by hitting the .html file in windows explorer, rather than via a web server, you cannot link to a URL. Why would this be?

    Links to other mind maps do work. But links to specific nodes in other mind maps don't, which I can understand since that would require the webserver functionality.

    Is there a way that I can get links to URLs (i.e. html or pdfs on the web) to work when running the Flashbrowser directly in this way? (As they do when running the map in the FreeMind application.)


    • jzelno

      jzelno - 2008-11-26

      Your Flash Player security settings may be restricting internet access, if the Freemind page was loaded from a local source (e.g. your hard drive).  Here's how you can fix that...

      1) Right Click on your browser map, and select "Settings..."
      2) On the Privacy Settings Tab (looks like a monitor with an eyeball in it), click the "Advanced..:" button
      3) Under the Table of Contents on the left, select "Global Security Settings Panel"
      4) In the "Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager window that opens on the right, pulldown "Edit locations..." and select "Add location..."
      5) In the "Trust this location:" box, enter the folder that your freemind browser HTML file is in and press the Confirm button
      6) Close both the Adobe Flash Player browser window and the browser window for your mindmap, and reopen your browser mindmap.  Links should now work.  If not then try rebooting as this worked for me.

      Good Luck!

      • Murray Wiseman

        Murray Wiseman - 2008-11-26

        It worked for me too. Thanks ever so much.

  • Lateigne

    Lateigne - 2008-12-03

    Hi all,

    As the the current version from the cvs trunk does not compile directly with the provided build.xml, and some of us had problems (like not showing anything), you can simply modify build.xml as follow:

    <target name="dist">
              <exec dir="../source" executable="../mtasc/mtasc" resolveexecutable="true">
                <arg line="-version 8 -trace no -main visorFreeMind/ -swf visorFreemind.swf -header 800:600:24" />

    Remove the Eclipse's flashout thingy (in and the traces, and then the resulting swf works fine.

    Ok so now it compiles, let's try to understand the code...

    See you!

  • Eric Blue

    Eric Blue - 2008-12-21


    Let me start of by saying that I love the Flash Viewer.  I wanted to bring an issue to people's attention in case you encounter the same problem with new versions of Flash.

    I just discovered that version 1.0b (originally downloaded 10/2007) is broken with Flash version 10.  After a bit of debugging (see\), I narrowed it down to a problem with the getFlashVersion() function in flashobject.js.  I re-downloaded the latest version of, and noticed the only difference was the addition of 2 lines of code in getFlashVersion() to correctly detect Flash 10.

    I wanted to flag this since this problem may affect anybody who been using the older copy of 1.0b.  Luckily that was an easy fix, but unfortunately took a bit of time to narrow down.  I'd like to make a few suggestions:

    1) Update the version of flashobject.js in CVS so other developers who are building from source don't encounter the problem

    2) Update the readme.txt file to reflect the changes (fix to flashobject to support Flash 10 - maybe 1.1b?).  Also, the header in the readme lists the version as .99, not 1.0b.

    3) Append the version number to the .zip file so people can clearly see when a version change happens.  Have multiple existences of 1.0b is confusing.

    4) Consider deprecating FlashObject and migrating to the newer/support version of SWFObject 2.

  • georges BLANC

    georges BLANC - 2008-12-22

    Freemind Flash Browser is really a great tool for me. I just have a question : how can the background color be modified (this works under freemind but the color is not taken into account by the browser).


  • VIgnesh S

    VIgnesh S - 2009-01-02

    Hello there, that was a nice intel with flashobject.js
    I thought this problem would solve my issue too but still didn’t.  My problem is with IE 7 browser (this is for Work :-( !!) - unable to open Hyperlinks properly with the old freemind browser. Opening files doesn’t seem to be an issue; but the mouse gets stuck to the mindmap. Freemind app seemed very casual because of this, allowing these inconveniences. No sol I could find. Anyone please post if you had encountered any links, and findings on this issue.

  • bradco

    bradco - 2009-01-04

    Could someone point to Help files or basic instructions for this browser so new people can get into it too ?  This thread seems to be directed to people who have been previously introduced to it.  The zip file Read Me has nothing useful to get started with this.  When I open the interface, absolutely no Help or clue as to how to use it !  Yes, I've seen a Mind Map regarding FB which has a list of "attributes", but again, no Help or start up guide that I can see.  Thanks in advance

  • Murray Wiseman

    Murray Wiseman - 2009-01-13

    Using the flash browser how can we link to a specific node in another map?


  • greavette

    greavette - 2009-01-20


    I too had problems using this when I first discovered the Flash Plugin.  I still have not found any official documentation on how to use it, but this is how I got it to work.

    I downloaded the following file:
    This was an example I found that shows what the flashplugin looks like.  Turns out this example also held the three files I needed to use the Flash Plugin.

    Unzip it and save the following three files to a separate folder:

    Now create your freemind map and save it (ie: to the same folder where you extracted the above three files.

    Edit the mindmaps.html file in notepad.  On line 63 you will see the following line:
    Ensure this line has the name of your mindmap file. 

    Save your changes to the mindmaps.html file.  Now when you double click on mindmaps.html, your mindmap will show up in the browser.

    I have no idea if this is the correct way to use it, but it works for me.  If there is a better way to use the flash plugin, please let me know.


    • Daniel Polansky

      Daniel Polansky - 2009-01-21

      Hello Charles,

      can you please add your how-to to the following page in the FreeMind wiki, under the Installation heading?

      Or if there are any technical difficulties, can you release your how-to into public domain so that I can add it to the wiki? Thanks.

      Dan Polansky

  • azorus

    azorus - 2009-03-04


    I use Freemind flash browser V 1.0b with Freemind 0.9.0 RC1 release
    Many thanks for this software - great job !
    Unfortunatly HTML format of some nodes are not in accordance with the original Map in Freemind
    Could you please give me some information about this problem ?

    Thank you

    • Edmund Laugasson

      I can confirm, that HTML is slightly different than in FreeMind itself. E.g. exporting into flash...

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