Feature request: Links in html-code

  • Michael Lesniak

    Michael Lesniak - 2004-10-08


    I'd love to have links in my html-code working, ie something like an unordered list with links, which, when clicked, launch the browser.


    Thanks in advance,
       M. Lesniak

    • Pedro Santelmo

      Pedro Santelmo - 2004-11-30

      Actually, you can do it!
      Use your html editor to create what you want.
      Then, after testing it, just open the html page in a plain text editor and copy all the content.
      When creating a node in FREEmind, just select the new node and choose Edit Long Node (or something like this). Then, start writing <html> and then paste the rest of your text (as you copied from the text editor but without the starting <html> as you have just writen it).
      Then try it- voila! it works as a simple html page!
      You could also, just link the html page with the link file chooser. The same would hapen. You can even choose the colors, background, and add images.


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