Fritz Mehler - 2009-09-01

Hello Freemind Community,
I'm currently working on my own version of a mindmap browser resembling freemind. I got the idea from Juan Pedros Flash browser he released years ago and apparently seized to devolop. I think publishing your mindmaps on the net makes an awful lot of sense and therefore creating and sharing them should be an easy process. So basicly i tried to implement most of the original freemind editing features and added some of my own.

Note that I did not specificly design it with speed in mind, so you need a bit of cpu to edit larger mindmaps, but most of the features should be working already. Also this is still in development, so there's still tons of bugs. Also note: it's all in german so far, which is most likely not subject to change anytime soon. Anywho, check it out and let me know what you think:

Fritz Mehler