FreeMind Version 1.0.0 RC1

  • Christian Foltin

    Dear FreeMind users,

    the new version is mainly a bug fix version. It fixes some clone bugs. Moreover, some other bugs concerning the conversion of mind maps from 0.9.0 have been added. The only little new feature is, that searching for notes is possible in the search&replace dialog. No more major bugs are currently known. Thus we start the series to the next release with the first release candidate. I would like the translators to start translation!

    The new version is available here:

    The complete list of changes:

    Changes made in FreeMind 1.0.0 RC 1
    * (Existing) Option "Search in Notes" added to Preferences Dialog (under Behaviour).
    * Searching for notes is now possible in the new search/replace dialog, too.
    * Fix: clone actions with folded clones.
    * Re-added the filter button to the browser's toolbar.
    * Fix: problem with additional newlines in HTML nodes.

    Best regards, and have fun with this version,

    Chris from FreeMind

  • Anonymous - 2013-02-03

    It's awesome! Thank you!

  • Koen Roggemans

    Koen Roggemans - 2013-02-03

    hm, that's digging in my memory (and documentation) on how to do that :-). I'll try to send you a complete Dutch translation in 2 weeks. Thanks a lot for your ongoing work Chris!


  • br_shadow

    br_shadow - 2013-02-03

    Guys please fix the undo function. When sometimes I acidently hit a key, the text inside a node dissapears, and if i press undo  it doesnt come back. Tell me where is the troubleshoot forum to post that also, or someone post it there. Please fix it before releasing version 1

  • Christian Foltin


    according the undo function: if you accidentally started to edit a node, just press escape, and the former text is back. Is that working? You're right, in this situation, the undo-method should do the same. I'll have a look at this issue.

    HTH, Chris

  • simonforget

    simonforget - 2013-02-05


    I just tried to upgrade from 0.9.0 to 1.0.0 RC1 on Mountain Lion but it fails to start. A liberal translation of the OSX error message states that "Freemind has been damaged" ("Freemind est endommagé".)

    I downloaded twice on different computers with the same result.

    Let me know if you need debugging data and how to extract it to make it useful for you.

    Keep on your good work.


  • Anonymous - 2013-02-08

    I've found several bugs last month while using Beta 9, where should i report them?, they have something to do with Clones, Planner and encrypted nodes.

    * When a map have clones, attributes show an strange behavior
    * If a map have several clones and you change to that tab it takes too long to show that map
    * Adding "brothers" to a cloned node also adds brothers to the clones. That's bad if you're just rearranging nodes.

    * When a map have clones with reminders, the planner show clone's reminders with "EPOC" dates.
    * Notes containing entities like &#xx; are shown untraslated.

    Encrypted nodes
    * Can't save a map after adding an encrypted node, and if you save as antoher file all information is lost.

  • Alex the Blond

    Alex the Blond - 2013-02-10

    Dear  Guys,

    I like this tool and I would like use it on my local language. Since the translation is rather old, I have started fix it. But first I would like complete the version I use (0.9.0).

    So, my question: Is there a plan about releasing the v1.0.0? When it is planned?


  • Christian Foltin

    Hi emedrano, some of your bugs should be fixed in RC1. Can you recheck, please? TIA, Chris

  • Christian Foltin

    Hi theblond, normally a release takes some month to come out. I would recommend to directly translate 1.0.0. Br, Chris

  • Christian Foltin

    Hi emedrano, I've fixed all of your bugs, with the exception of the last two:

    * Notes containing entities like &#xx; are shown untraslated.
    * Can't save a map after adding an encrypted node, and if you save as antoher file all information is lost.

    Can you give some more details to reproduce, please.

    TIA, Chris


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