No good export in 0.9.0 ?

  • David Masterson

    David Masterson - 2009-04-24

    The options for exporting the mindmap in Freemind seem inconsistent and incomplete.  Is anything being done to add capabilities to exporting?

    What I'd like to see are:

    1.  Export as HTML -- should have an option to include the Notes/Attributes as is done in the clickable XHTML version.
    2.  Clickable XHTML version -- should have an option to allow resizing large mindmaps to fit on the page.
    3.  The ability to generate a full and complete printable version of the mindmap including:
         * the mindmap sized to fit the page
         * icons in the mindmap
         * An outline to match the mindmap
         * Include Notes/Attributes in the outline

    Is there more explanation of the other options for Export?  Maybe the export menu should be broken up into "Export Diagram only", "Export Outline only", and "Export Diagram and Outline together".


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