Suggestion:Page Header/Footer/visible margins

  • KlausMezger

    KlausMezger - 2006-04-11

    A freemind diagram cannot be identified by its version or author, if it is printed out.
    1. A PAGE FOOTER would be helpful to add individual document informations onto each printed page.

    2. Visible PAGE MARGINS for printing (on/off switchable) could help formattig a page. A print preview may also be a sufficient solution.

    ! Thanks again for this exeptional tool !

    • Ken Robertson

      Ken Robertson - 2006-04-11

      G'day KlausMezger,

      I fully agree with you.  Omar Loggiodice had contributed a patch to deliver centered printing on the page, and footers, for 0.8.0 RC2.  Sadly I've no idea how to implement it, or even whether it can work with the current version or not.  You may have more knowledge/better luck.

      (Here's a little URL in case the forum breaks the big one.


    • KlausMezger

      KlausMezger - 2006-04-24

      Thanks for the tip, Ken!
      If I find a little time, I will try to test this patch. Unfortunately, there is no documentation on implementation nor in the code.

  • Monster Under Your Bed

    After 2 years, I suddenly discover that page headers/footers would be good too, with some variables.  For me, the need emerged because I need to keep an eye on filenames (because of versioning), and there is no way to make that part of a printout other than by creating a doc details node..

    So another vote for page headers & footers :)


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