New Plugin to allow searching of multiple maps

  • Stephen Leonard

    Stephen Leonard - 2014-02-17

    FYI. I have just released v0.1 of a plugin to allow you to search multiple maps at once. It uses Apache Lucene to create an in-memory index then orders the results by a score. You can then click on a result to open that map.

    I have only just written it, so may have some bugs, but is doing what I wanted it to do: help me find stuff in my many maps.

    Thanks to the core project team for such a good tool.

  • Christian Foltin


    sounds interesting. Is the source code available? Under which license is it licensed? GPLv2+?

    BR, Chris

    • Stephen Leonard

      Stephen Leonard - 2014-02-23

      Hi Chris,

      I made it GPLv2 to match your programme. I can change it to V2+ if you want. The code is available from the sourceforge page at

      The one main bug it has that I want to fix soon when I have time is that the dialog will sometimes pop up when you open other tabs. I suspect its to do with the "instanciation" setting.


      Last edit: Stephen Leonard 2014-02-23
  • Christian Foltin

    Hi Stephen,

    recently, I've started or tried to integrate your plugin into FreeMind.
    First observation: isn't the lucene license an apache2.0 license and therefore not compatible with GPLv2+ from FreeMind (see
    Second observation: why did you choose a PermanentMindMapNodeHookAdapter as base? Such a hook is permanently stored within some nodes of the map. My suggestion: the model for your plugin could be the map dialog or such, IMHO. It is a dialog that appears, but is not stored with the map. Base is the freemind.extensions.ModeControllerHookAdapter.

    HTH, Chris

  • Christian Foltin

    See commit eb2e6b0c39e42e819efb23bff5c6d3514ea94921 on branch 1.1.0.

    Br, Chris

  • Christian Foltin


    a necessary feature would be to jump to the nodes found in the maps directly. Is that possible?
    Br, Chris


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