A dream: SQLs for FreeMind

Jeff Brown
  • Jeff Brown

    Jeff Brown - 2004-10-04

    If a SQL (structured query language) for relational databases was designed to work with freemind, one could search data in very useful ways that have never been possible.

    Suppose FreeMind holds your knowledge-base -- for example "Everything I know about cars".  Suppose next that you like to write articles about cars.  You keep track of each article with a list of subjects it discusses -- carburetor maintenance, crumple patterns, etc.  Each of those subjects is a node in your knowledge-base about cars.

    If those articles were in a relational database with two fields, "title" (a string) and "subjects" (a list of strings), then you could do searches like "list for me every article I've written that mentions carburetors in the list of subjects". That could be useful, and is achievable with current software.

    What would be fantastically useful, though, is if the relational database software (SQL) knew about FreeMind.  Then you could say "show me a list of everything I've written that discuses carburetor maintenance OR ANY SUB-CATEGORY of it".  Furthermore, if the elements in the "subject" field of the database were pointers to node fields, then the database would remain accurate when you renamed and rearranged the nodes.

    Alas, this idea is a suggested direction for SQLs, not for FreeMind itself.  It would be useful, though, wouldn't it?

    • Remco Boerma

      Remco Boerma - 2004-10-14

      seems to me like a xpath variant would be more apropriate. Or a Lupy sollution, for full text search. .

      Xpath allows the usage of nodes in great detail though, and in a tree structure, that would be handy. SQL handles tables very well, but a mindmap resembles a tree better (in fact, it's a tree) than a table :)

      Cheers! - Remco


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