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  • Erio

    Erio - 2004-12-15

    Hi developers!

    Is there a way to clear the list of files which has one opened with FreeMind?
    I created some private mindmaps and another user who has access to my computer should not see which files I've created.
    I searched the registry but didn't find the filelist. Do you store the list of recently opened files in a special file?


    • Erio

      Erio - 2004-12-15

      forget my question - I've found it.

      For those who need this feature too (for windows): go to the folder \documents and settings\{username here}\freemind
      There's a file called Open this file with a texteditor like notepad and modify the line "lastOpened=blablabla" so that only "lastOpened=" remains.

      Best wishes to all!

    • Antonimo

      Antonimo - 2004-12-16

      In addition, you can set the file's atributes to make it "read only" and then recently used files will not be listed.

      On a side note - I use the freeware software "Blowfish Advanced CS" to encrpt files and they can be decrypted, edited and the re-encrypted after use. It is simple enough to click on the encrypted file, enter the password and the application will launch with the file.



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