behaviour of right-click-drag-drop

  • Lebowski

    Lebowski - 2008-09-21

    The current behaviour of right-click on a node and then drag and drop is an arrow will be created pointing from the first selected to the second node.

    I'd like to have an option so that the behaviour will be like creating a shortcut:
    - create a copy of the selected node (only the selected node itself, not any children of that node)
    - make a hyperlink from the newly created node to the original one

    To achieve the same result, currently I do this:
    - ctrl-shift-C
    - ctrl-V
    - select new and then old node
    - alt-L

    • Lebowski

      Lebowski - 2008-09-30

      As an alternative, the behavior described above could be initiated with e.g. shift-right-click-drag, leaving the current implementation of right-click-drag intact.

    • Lebowski

      Lebowski - 2009-05-21

      Does this sound like a good idea or am I posting this in the wrong place? (or maybe it's to unclear?)


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