Timestamp in .mm files?

  • Fredrik Eriksson

    Could someone tell me the format of the timestamps that is saved in the .mm file for CREATED and MODIFIED? Is it some kind of unix timestamp or?

    • David Krause

      David Krause - 2009-09-10

      Hi Juman,

      it looks like a unixtimestamp + 000 (three position more) eg:

      1249454778785 <- in freemind (think this is an normal java timestamp)

      1249454778 <- same in linux/unix (of course you'll miss some milliseconds :) )



    • Fredrik Eriksson

      Ah so simple :) Thanks that was what I needed!

  • miniexot

    miniexot - 2009-12-02

    Hi there,
    could anyone tell me the meaning of the number in ID attribute in .mm file?


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