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  • Dimitry Polivaev

    Dear FreeMinders,

    I have been a member of the FreeMind team since 2003. Since August 2008 I
    am systematically working on a redesigned version of FreeMind. Due to
    organizational reasons, I started a new Sourceforge project:
    "Freeplane" ( for doing this work. I am going
    to make the first version of the new code publicly available in the
    coming December - the test version is however expected only in the spring.

    The new code is completely reorganized into relatively small, loose
    coupled packages and my aim is to make first contact, improvement,
    maintenance and further development of the program as easy as possible.
    Almost all internal interfaces are subject of change. Also the plug-in
    interface shall be completely reworked - the new plug-in interface should be
    based on OSGI standards.

    I started with the initial re-factoring of some big FreeMind packages and
    classes and breaking them down into smaller pieces. Many of them need
    some improvement. As small packages can be developed
    independently, I am looking for people able to help me doing parts of
    this work.

    People willing to help are welcome to contact me directly. Or this post can be discussed further at

    Freeplane Project Lead

    • Vladimir Sosnin

      Vladimir Sosnin - 2008-11-25

      Does new design allow to load/modify old MindMaps? ;)


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