plain text notes please

  • Rigel

    Rigel - 2008-01-30

    I want to see a way to disable Rich text no(t)es, and just use plain text. I don't use the rich text features.

    Disabling Rich text is already available for the long No(d)e editor.


    • franckbanag

      franckbanag - 2008-01-31

      Yes, please !!

      I am using 0.80

      Only that would stop me to move to 0.9
      One of my previous requests has to be able to disable some of those new functions as to trade speed against "formating". Today, when I want formating, I do copy and paste to word, and it work fast.


    • gregarn

      gregarn - 2008-01-31

      I'd prefer to see FreeMind use plain text as the "default" behavior, but allow users to toggle off & on the Rich Text flag.  (or perhaps add an option in the user-preferences settings).   It's unfortunate that Rich Text is not handled properly for maps exported to Flash (extra lines, extra bullets, etc.)

    • Dimitry Polivaev


      because your very sensible proposal is a feature request I am not allowed by the project admin to implement it in 0.9.0 until the release.

      Kind regards,


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