Feature: merge-friendly flag?

  • Iwan Vosloo

    Iwan Vosloo - 2014-04-01

    Hi there,

    We are using Freemind all over the show in projects where mindmaps are checked into a version control system. Currently, freemind saves info here (and changes nodes) that create unnecessary merge conflicts.

    It should be easy to add config that allows you to disable some of these.

    The unnecessary stuff are all attributes of nodes:
    the created= and modified= attributes can just be omitted, and perhaps folded=true can always be set.

    There is already a checkbox that allows you to choose not to save folded state. Another could be added to save only "merge friendly" state.

  • Christian Foltin


    am I right, that the problem is, that modified-flag is changed, when the folding state was changed? This can be regarded as a bug, as the "don't save folding state"-button should prevent the modified-flag from being changed, too. I'll see, what I can do.

    Br, Chris

  • Iwan Vosloo

    Iwan Vosloo - 2014-04-02


    That does seem part of the problem. I just played with 0.9.0: the check box is labelled "Always save folding state changes". I started a freemind with this check box unselected. If you then navigate the mindmap, opening and closing things ONLY, it never puts the changed * on the tab, so you cannot save.

    But, if you do other changes as well, such as adding a node in a totally unrelated place, you can save, and if you save then it saves all the fold state changes you did in the entire mind map.

    I suspect this is not all that's needed to make it more merge-friendly though. What else can change the "changed" attribute?

  • Iwan Vosloo

    Iwan Vosloo - 2014-04-02

    I also notice that:
    - adding and deleting nodes do not change the value of the changed attribute
    - changing the fold state does not change it either.

    So it seems the problem may just be that fold state is saved when it should not have been?


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