Matematical symbols

  • skinny

    skinny - 2007-11-07


    Thanks for a fantastic piece of software. One I need VERY heavily though is the possibility of doing some mathematical typesetting.

    1) Just a multiplication operator other than '*' which is an awfull symbol.
    2) Possibility of using fractions
    3) sum, integral signs and differential operators

    This could be done with latex but that probably a bit heavy. A simple way of typing in simple mathematical notes could be nice for loads of people using FreeMind for their research.

    Thanks in advance,

    • chris

      chris - 2007-11-07


      I have implemented a extension to JLabel, so nodes can render a new html tag <latex>, if latex and dvipng are installed locally.

      I still have to improve my code for public, but if you`re interessted, I can give you a copy (after removing some bugs :)

      (you can see how it would look like here: )

    • Daniel Polansky

      Daniel Polansky - 2007-12-10

      Hello Chris (At Source), if you just clean up the code a bit and publish it in Patches tracker here at FreeMind project, under GNU GPL V2 or later, then other hackers may improve upon it, or at least study it, saving you possibly some work. At least theoretically. In any case, please feel encouraged to post patches to our Patches tracker, even if the code is imperfect. --Dan

    • Ryan

      Ryan - 2007-12-10

      Hey Chris. It looks great. I would love you to submit the patch, too.

    • netsking

      netsking - 2007-12-10

      Really. It looks great. It will be terrific if you submit the patch.

    • chris

      chris - 2007-12-11


      I`ve already improved my code and implemented a new feature, but there are still some things to do. For example I dont know how well using the native latex enviroment works with windows. Therefore I added support for JMathTex, which looks rather promising to me and does not depend on external programs. I know that there is already support for hoteqn in freemind, and maybe I can also use this for alternative formula rendering, so each user can select a rendering plattform which works best for him.

      As I cannot spend that much time I would like to, I will probably accept Dan`s advice and publish my code in a patch tracker maybe before christmas :)

      greetings, Chris

      ps.: please apologize my english, still learning

    • chris

      chris - 2007-12-18

      Hello again,

      before I submit my code, I would like to add some options to the preferences menu, would somebody please give me some hints how to do this ?!

      Is there a site or thread where this is explained and which I missed so far?

      greetings chris

      • Dimitry Polivaev

        > before I submit my code, I would like to add some options to the preferences menu, would somebody please give me some hints how to do this ?! 

        Is there a site or thread where this is explained and which I missed so far?

        Hello Chris,

        currently there is a wiki page where you could put your questions, and I could try to answer them there. But I want you to know that I do not like the current program design, and I would like to rewrite the program after the 0.9.0 is released. Now I am working on the new design concept. I am going to document it before I implement it. If you are interested in helping me, let me know.


    • JJW

      JJW - 2007-12-18

      As a note, those on MacOS have LaTexiT found at

      to create a LaTeX equation that could subsequently be pasted in a Freemind map as a graphic (if Freemind would support pasting of graphics!)


    • chris

      chris - 2007-12-19

      actually, using latex as described above is image pasting, but more pleasant as it is done automatically when the user enters a formula surrounded by 2 '*' symbols, automatically adopts the font-size and color of the text (and is represented in the html parsing tree of the document with its own tag).

      Unfortunately as I'm a pure linux user I'dont know how this works on MacOs (and Windows), so a pure java implementation would be nice. We could archive this via JMathTex (or hoteq), as a drawback the full latex power would not be available. So I think the best way would be to have as default renderer JMathTex for example, and make it possible to the user to switch to a full blown latex enviroment if he likes (my code now works for latex on linux, and JMathTex also works).

      So works this LaTexiT like LaTeX on linux (I thought MacOs has linux under the hood)?

      • JJW

        JJW - 2007-12-19

        LaTexiT only works on MacOS. It is designed optimally as an efficient way to translate LaTex equations to images that can be pasted into other documents, for example scientific graphs produced by applications that have limited math typesetting ability. One cool feature is its compliance with LinkBack, which is a tool to allow the embedded image<->LaTexiT editing/updating process to work almost seemlessly. For LaTex document processing on MacOS, we use TexShop (or other applications). MacOS has (BSD) unix under its hood, not linux.


      • Daniel Polansky

        Daniel Polansky - 2007-12-20

        Hi Chris,

        I have not time to provide any further help, and there is AFAIK no documentation on how to extend preferences in the code of FreeMind. In any case, it is nice to have your patch or at least this discussion thread of yours here around at FreeMind project.

        There is also the page:

        where I have started to document the effort related to mathematical formulas. You may want to create a section of yours there, and to describe the options that you are considering, together with their weaknesses and strengths. However, be warned that your efforts will be largely uncoordinated from the side of FreeMind team; you are the enterpreneur ;).

        Even if your patch won't make it into the standard code base of FreeMind, it will be there in the tracker for hackers to try it out, and create their customized versions of FreeMind, which is one of the charms of open source development.

        Best regards,


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