#8 XHTML export with notes & attributes

Eric L.


please find:
- freemind2html.xsl/css, the XSLT/Style sheet behind
the Export as XHTML (clickable map...) menu.
- toxhtml.xsl/treestyle.css, the XSLT/Style sheet
behind the Export as XHTML (Javascript) menu.

In both, I've cleaned up the code, modularized it and
aligned both, adding support for notes and attributes.

As you'll see, the part after the "XHTML LIBRARY" mark
is the same in both files. It could actually be
extracted in an import'able file, if there wouldn't be
a possible issue with finding the file at the right
place (but this might fixable in the code).

Some more suggestions on top (but this requires code
- rename all the files to align them with the menu
names (e.g. something like mm2xhtml_javascript and
- update as well the "Export as HTML" and "Export
Branch as HTML". I understand that the XSLT code is
embedded. I would suggest to change this, and I could
provide a plain XHTML export, with no javascript, no
fuss, no style, just something plain, for easy import
in other programs (e.g. Word). Tell me if you're
- update all the other exports to support notes and
attributes... (I volunteer for the Microsoft XSLT's as
I will need it).

Tell me please what do you think.

Cheers, Eric


  • Eric L.

    Eric L. - 2006-06-02

    the modified XLST and Style sheets

  • Christian Foltin

    Logged In: YES

    integrated. Thanks, Chris

  • Christian Foltin

    • status: open --> closed
  • Dimitry Polivaev

    • labels: 791301 -->

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