#912 Windows 7 64bit Aero Issues & Missing Dialogs

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I've got the latest version of Java6 installed, but experience various driver failures when using FreeMind. When I disable Aero (compatibility mode) thngs worked fine for sometime, but now I am missing my dialogs for saving and opening files. I can click them, but there's just nothing there.

I've set-up my laptop with dial monitor and with stand-alone.

Hope you can assist, I love the product. Don't really want to install a VM to run it.


p.s. same two problems with 0.9 beta.


  • scottpreston

    scottpreston - 2009-12-09

    Dear FreeMind user,

    the bug you've reported seems to be a general Java issue. This normally can't be fixed inside FreeMind easily.
    To verify this, please take some other pure Java based tools (like jedit (http://jedit.sourceforge.net/) for example) and try to observe this behaviour. Please, note that Eclipse based applications are not compareable with FreeMind as a complete different graphical user interface design (ie. SWT instead of Swing) is used.

    If you still think that this is a specific FreeMind issue, please reopen this bug.



  • scottpreston

    scottpreston - 2009-12-09
    • status: open --> closed
  • scottpreston

    scottpreston - 2009-12-09

    this problem appears only with a certain driver of nvidia used on my laptop, freemind works fine on another machine Windows7 64 bit. I won't make you chase down driver issues, as I have similar problems with other Java GUI programs running on that machine.


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