#782 Windows launcher does nothing (+ solution)

Windows (184)
Mario Valle

FreeMind 0.8.1 and Java 1.6.0_07

The supplied launcher does nothing on my Vista machine.
The path was correctly set and JAVA_HOME defined, but nothing changes.

In the attached Zip file you find:
a modified freemind.c source (also with fixes for a bug in filling the arguments array)
the build files for Visual Studio 8.0
a fixed Makefile.win
The files are from the 0.8.1 source distribution.

You can compile the launcher using Visual Studio or MinGW with the command: make -f makefile.win

Hope it helps


  • Mario Valle

    Mario Valle - 2008-11-26

    Fixes to Windows launcher

  • Christian Foltin

    Tests have shown that your bug is solved with the version 0.9.0
    of the FreeMind software.
    If you do not agree and can still reproduce the bug with this
    version of the software, please reopen this bug or create a new one.

    Thanks, Your FreeMind team

  • Christian Foltin

    • assigned_to: dpolivaev --> christianfoltin
    • status: open --> closed

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