#558 Aggressive long node format question

Eric L.


I've switched to FreeMind 0.9.0 beta 15 for my daily work, and I'm rather annoyed by the following behavior (which I consider to be a bug): when I want to edit a node as long node, I get the question if I want bold/italic or not. I can either "remember my decision" but then this decision is valid for all nodes, or I can decide to not "remember my decision" but then I get asked about it even for nodes where I've already taken a decision, i.e. nodes which already are long nodes.

The correct behavior should be IMHO that I don't get the question for already existing long nodes, because I've already taken a decision.

i.e. in EditAction.java (I think)
- // if the node is not already html, we ask if rich text or plain text edit.
- if(!isHtmlNode && editDefinitivelyLong) {
+ // if the node is not already long, we ask if rich text or plain text edit.
+ if(!node.getIsLong() && editDefinitivelyLong) {

Thanks, Eric


  • Christian Foltin

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    your proposal doesn't work logically, if you look at the definition of editDefinitivelyLong.
    Personally, I like more the idea from somewhere else to open the formatting editor in any case and to store only text if no formatting was used. And only for purists, they get the plain editor by preference change. What do you think?

  • Dimitry Polivaev

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  • Christian Foltin

    Tests have shown that your bug is solved with the version 0.9.0
    of the FreeMind software.
    If you do not agree and can still reproduce the bug with this
    version of the software, please reopen this bug or create a new one.

    Thanks, Your FreeMind team

  • Christian Foltin

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