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#1122 Spell Checker faults on capitalized


If a node is created with a name like "Bob And Potato" The spell checker will find fault with 'And' and 'Potato' because they are capitalized. The expected behavior is that since the words are spelled correctly, the spell checker will not flag them as incorrect.

Testing shows that 'Bob and Alice' shows no faults, assuming because 'Alice' is a proper noun, while 'Bob and Potato' is faulted on 'Potato'.

Version 1.0.0 Beta 8
Sun Java 1.6.0_53
Win 7

This is a minor annoyance.


  • PaulieV

    PaulieV - 2013-11-21

    Is there any workaround posted yet? I am running into the same issue.

  • Ken Snyder

    Ken Snyder - 2014-10-12

    This is something I too would like to disable without disabling spellcheck all together. I frequently use title case for parent branches in freemind so it is really frustrating to see any word that is capitalized after the first word, underlined as misspelled.

  • Paolo

    Paolo - 2017-06-26

    +1 on this defect. Not an absolute show stopper but us annoying. It seems to happen everywhere. In the layout view at the bottom medication is ok but Medication is not. It should be an easy fix one would think using some lcase function before the check is called?


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