#1097 Clone nodes "unclone" when moved

Windows (184)

we have a source-clone and a destination-clone. Source clone had some nodes already. Mindmap rather large - 400kB

Phenomenon 1:
If we move the destination clone from his current position to a new position everything works fine, they remain "linked" (at least while Freemind is open). After saving the file, closing freemind and reopening the file the link is gone. The nodes are not related any longer (and both don't have the "clone"-Symbol). The node altough is visible (as a real copy) on both places.

Phenomenon 2:
When we move the source-clone to a different place, the linkage breaks immediately (at least for the source) and the destination clone keeps his "Clone"-Icon. Any changes to either of the nodes are no more synchronized. After saving the file and reopening it, both nodes don't have the clone-icon.

System: W7, 64Bit. Freemind 1.0.0 Beta 5.

I hope description was clear enough. Thank you for your great work!


  • Bernhard Buhl

    Bernhard Buhl - 2012-06-14


  • Christian Foltin

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Christian Foltin

    Dear user,

    your bug has been fixed in some of the latest versions of FreeMind version 1.0.0 (currently in beta state).

    HTH, Chris


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