#1051 more untranslated strings found in several other dialogs

Sean Wang

Hi, thank you for your excellent product. I really like it. About a month ago, I found some strings untranslated to Chinese in the XSLT export dialog. I reported them to you, you fixed them and I provided the Chinese translation of those strings. Thanks for your attention.

After that, I met several untranslated strins again. To make freemind a perfect product, I found a tool called TranStrl to check the source code, and found 36 untranslated strings. I checked them one-by-one by hand, and I am almost sure that they require translation (I met some of them before:)). I attach the locations and values of these strings to this report, and I am glad to provide Chinese translations if your would like to fix them.


  • Sean Wang

    Sean Wang - 2011-07-03

    The locations and values of the untranslated strings

  • Sean Wang

    Sean Wang - 2011-07-03

    Forgot to mention, the "ok" and "cancel" in line 192 and 200 of databasebasic.java are send to a function called "getText", which seems to return a translated value. However, that getText function is not the translating function, it just returns the parameter unchanged.


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