Rusi Popov - 2014-01-19

Hello, it seems to me that the effect is caused by the length of the inserted text. In details:
1. "Use formatting for all nodes" is set to YES
2. in both cases - when you enter a create a new node with "Insert" button (create a nested node) or "Enter" (create a sibling node), you enter the text and confirm it with "Enter"
3. select the node and open it for editing (F2 button)
3.1 when the text fits in a single line, the rich text editor is shown
3.2 when the text is longer than a single line, the simple text editor is shown
4. this behavior does not depend on the format of the previous node (
5. one can copy (from the rich or simple editor) some text and paste it in the editing box, while creating the node at step 2. The result is the same (3). Thus the format of the copied text does not affect the format of the text in the newly created node.