#7 Scale, Averages, Dedicated Graphs


Hello, I have some feature suggestions for FreeMeter
that I hope you'll consider for a future release.

15mb, 30mb, and 50mb settings to the graph scale. User
defined would be even better.

Allow one to control how FreeMeter averages when
"Display Averages" is on. e.g. Display N second
average, where N is a preset or user defined number.

Option to use seperate graphs for upload and download
bandwidth where each graph can be set to a different scale.

Finally, system uptime. I know it has nothing to do
with bandwidth monitoring but I hope you'll consider it
anyway. :)

Thank you


  • pho

    pho - 2006-08-07

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    It is likely that user defined scale, and average period
    will get implemented in a future release, along with as many
    presets for both as needed.

    Having up and down in seperate graphs with seperate scale is
    an excellent suggestion, but is lowser on the priority list.

    System uptime is also a good thing to have handy when
    looking at totals, and I agree it should be added.

  • pho

    pho - 2006-08-07
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  • pho

    pho - 2006-08-21
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