Add Graph Scale 400 Mbit

  • Robert Hawke

    Robert Hawke - 2007-11-06


    I really love the program to checkout my LAN capacity. I also have Firenet-Lan and therefore a Graph Scale of 400 Mbit would be nice. Right now I have to use 1 GB which is not that helpful!


    • Mieszko Lassota

      Mieszko Lassota - 2007-11-06

      hmm... i'l have to think about a custom scale feature... i can't say when i'll implement it... i've got a lot on my mind right now (as always) but i'll write it down to my special copy-book-of-ideas ;) and ofcourse implement it as soon as possible :)

    • Mieszko Lassota

      Mieszko Lassota - 2007-11-12

      try out the new version, the custom scale have been implemented

  • Ilko Karaatanasov

    need more detailed scale between 100 mbts and 1 gbps (200,300,400,500,600,700,800,900) and to stay this auto scale on higher value when the hihest graphis goes out from left ftom window. I have 1 Gbps and from 100 to 1 gb switches per 1 second. ! second 100, 1 second 1 gb, 1 sek 100 and this repead until my speed is little over the 100 mbps
    Sorry for my english


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