Disabling Desktop Meter startup crash

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    When I disable the Desktop Meter, close the program then reopen it, it provides a 'Fatal Error':

    Message: Parameter is not valid.
    Stack trace:

       at System.Drawing.Bitmap..ctor(Int32 width, Int32 height, PixelFormat format)
       at FreeMeter.Form1.Form1_Borders()
       at FreeMeter.Form1..ctor()
       at FreeMeter.Form1.Main()

    Great app nonetheless. Would it be possible to add a 'password' feature to lock down the program from being shut off? I'd like to do some simple bandwidth monitoring but if the app gets shut off by a tech savvy user obviously the prog can't track bandwidth usage.

    • Mieszko Lassota

      Mieszko Lassota - 2008-05-01

      I'm working on this problem right now (literally), about that password thing - I don't get it... if someone can access your machine, then program can be killed even if I block exiting with a password... maybe I understood you incorrectly, if so please explain.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Well I'm not monitoring my own computer, rather, I'm helping a relative try to monitor his family's bandwidth consumption (they seem to be going over-limit every month - I blame YouTube). I've told him to make copies of the app to each computer, and put a shortcut into the startup folder. At the moment the program is easily closed (plus the Update bubble makes it very noticable) so in case they don't want their bandwidth checked they can close the app.

      I guess I'd just like a 'discrete' mode, if not lockdown mode.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      private void Form1_Borders()
      { //do 3D borders
          Bitmap borders = new Bitmap(ClientSize.Width, ClientSize.Height, PixelFormat.Format24bppRgb); <<< this line raises exception, because ClientSize is (0,0)

      and ClientSize becomes (0,0) after "WindowState = FormWindowState.Minimized" in LoadConfiguration (or anywhere else)

    • Mieszko Lassota

      Mieszko Lassota - 2008-06-12


      thanks for checking that out, a workaround was suggested here: http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=2048316&forum_id=511041


  • Mieszko Lassota

    Mieszko Lassota - 2009-10-31

    download the newest version - this has been fixed.


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