Totals_log-Limits and Startup option

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    1>I'm not much of a geek here. Just had some suggestions. Can the totals log-limits tab have certain configuration related to specific time also? As in ex:-my internet is free from 22:00 to 08:00 hrs. but rest of the day time i have 150  MB/day limit. When FM logs the transfers it logs it for the whole day/24 hrs. So it would be great if that could be added.
    2>FM logs all data from the point it has been executed by the user. It wont have any data of the data used since before it was started. If FM takes its data from the system can't it take the data of the total that used from the point the system was started? It would be great if something could be done for this else I have to put FM in my startup list. May be an option to start FM from the startup should be included.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Dude is this forum sleeping or sumthing????

  • Mieszko Lassota

    Mieszko Lassota - 2009-10-31

    check out the newest version - first one is there, the second - this is not quite possible since FM would have to be a service - and that is the road that I don't want to take.


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