Tim Gray
  • Tim Gray

    Tim Gray - 2000-01-24

    Has anyone found a source of code files that would import readily into freemed?  Specifically insurance companies, and the other code files that are "standard". If so we might want to start a repository for the different standard files and non-standard based on state or region. 

    • Jeffrey Buchbinder

      Freemed has the capability to import stock databases with installs, so if we decide to include something, it will be able to be automagically imported into freemed upon initialization of the databases from the admin module.

      I have tried to provide some data for the databases, but I don't have the time for data entry. I suggest that someone donate a server to be used as "" or something similar for people to do data entry only. Then we can export the dumps from there to be included with freemed.

      • Chris Beggy

        Chris Beggy - 2000-02-14

        We have a available for this purpose, and it is available to anyone who wants to build it up.



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