Is anyone maintaing this CVS ?

  • Jeff Honken
    Jeff Honken

    Is this project still active?  Also seems to be dead.

    • Jakc Cahn
      Jakc Cahn

      I would like to start using this software in my family practice office. The anti-establishment nature of linux in general and freemed in particular just may be too hard to resist. I am in rural North Carolina and not in the big bucks, but I am willing to make a commitment to using this software.  There may be a considerable interest in this concept throughout the state.
      Jack Cahn MD

    • Fred Trotter
      Fred Trotter

      The project is still active. Further the CVS has become the primary source of working code. Today at least it is your best chance of getting something up and running.

      Soon Jeff will be replacing the Tar file available for download, with whatever he feels is a "stable" version, then the CVS will return to its normal use.